A time to steal

By Estanislao Albano, Jr.

“Or could it be that Filipinos are not interested in Dela Rosa and are waiting for the movie of Bong Go? ”

According to Palace spokesperson Salvador Panelo, President Rodrigo Duterte welcomes the arrest of his friend Kenneth Dong, one of those suspected to be behind the smuggling of P6.4B shabu into the country in 2017.
Let the President show us his threat of slitting the throats of drug lords was not all hot air by causing the fielding of capable lawyers in the case. Since Day 1, butterfingers have been handling big drug cases so that up to now, the government is still a big zero in court against the drug lords. They even lost one case due to a typo.
Writing in the Philippine Daily Inquirer February 8, 2019 issue, Froilan Grate and Jed Alegado of the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives Asia-Pacific declared that a zero-waste Philippines is possible.
I could share in their conviction on one condition – bring Filipinos to live elsewhere and populate the country with disciplined people like the Japanese, Swiss, etc.
“In fairness sa mga Pinoy, mataas ang standards sa pagpili ng ilalaban sa Miss Universe kesa sa pagpili ng mga Senador” – meme in Facebook.
The author does not get it. The candidate is fighting for supremacy in the universe while senators will only serve our country.
DepEd: Higher tobacco tax to make cigarettes less available to youth – Cebu Daily News
What the DepEd refuses to confront is the reality that because of its tinkering with the curriculum, we now have youth who learn to smoke before they could read.
There’s a story in the Squire Mag titled “How Binondo Became the World’s Oldest Chinatown.”
Apparently, the magazine has not yet caught wind of the single most important developing story concerning the Philippines and the Chinese: “How the Philippines is becoming a province of China”
4.4% inflation rate in January a ‘positive development’ — Senator Sherwin Gatchalian
There are many Filipinos – possibly millions – who do not agree with the senator. They do not even want to mention the positive development because when the inflation rate hit 6.7 percent last year, they fiercely defended it saying there is nothing the government can do about it and it’s not the fault of the administration because high inflation rate is an global reality.
Former presidential spokesperson Harry Roque claimed that his Senate bid withdrawal due to medical condition, not survey results.
The doctor surveyed his health condition and declared him unfit to continue the race.
According to information going around in social media, the biopic of former Philippine National Police Chief Ronald dela Rosa “Bato” is a huge flop. In photos shared in Facebook, you could count with the fingers of your left hand the occupied seats.
Could it really be that so many Filipinos have been killed in the drug war there is hardly anybody left to go to the movies?
Or could it be that Filipinos are not interested in Dela Rosa and are waiting for the movie of Bong Go?
QC gov’t to allot P3M bounty to catch killers of barangay exec – Philippine Daily Inquirer
Could the QC government augment the measly P0.5M price on the head of drug lord Peter Lim?
China opens maritime rescue base in West Philippine Sea – Philippine Daily Inquirer
This is a welcome development. Now we do not have to worry if Filipinos get into mishaps in the WPS. This is a good action on the part of the Chinese government seeing that our government is easing the unemployment woes of China.
Lt. Gen. Rozzano Briguez, chief of the Philippine Air Force, called on the new Philippine Military Academy cadets to keep the core values instilled during plebehood, as he led the recognition rites for them. He urged them to “never tolerate anybody for lying, cheating and stealing.”
Relax, plebes. Once you become generals, you can do all the stealing you like.
Eight countries in danger of falling into China’s “debt trap” – Quartz
The leaders of these countries are so stupid they could not grasp the fact of life that cheese does not come for free. **

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