Believe it or not, Harry is capable of accepting the truth

By Estanislao Albano, Jr.

“About former Palace Spokesman Salvador Panelo, I heard that he continues to successfully protect himself from Covid-19 by boosting his immune system and by eating lots of

Facebook is awash with “Challenge Accepted” posts. Makes one think everybody is unafraid.
Sadly for this country, however, PRRD is not like-minded as he has announced to the world during the SONA that he is inutile when it comes to fighting for what rightfully belongs to us against China.
For sure, former President Benigno Aquino III also entertained some fear of China but he was circumspect enough to keep it to himself and not to waste time on it in a SONA.
After listening to the SONA, many people including actress Jennylyn Mercado are asking where’s the plan to beat Covid-19.
I am praying it is not tucked into the “Inutil ako.”
If the government forms a group to specially handle our territorial claims in the West Philippine Sea, an apt name would be Inutil Ako Task Force, IATF for short.
One of the keys of Vietnam’s resounding success over Covid-19 is very simple: All of their leaders are pro-Vietnam, no pro-China.
When they decided to shut their border with China, their President and Health Minister did not say the decision would be unfair to China because there are other countries which are affected by the virus.
“Ano sila, mga protektor ng high profile drug lord?” That was the question of Bureau of Corrections Chief Gerald Bantag on the move of some senators pushing for the investigation of deaths of drug lords inmates allegedly from Covid. He is asked why they are only interested in the deaths of the drug lords.
General, how can one protect someone who is dead?
Just like the senators referred to by Bantag, many Filipinos are suspecting that some of the inmates in the Bilibid declared by the Bucor to have died from Covid-19 are alive somewhere.
As for me I cannot get over this revelation that before the war on drugs, drug lords could be caught and actually be sent to jail.
With the death of the drug lord inmates, only heaven knows when Bilbid will hosts drug lords again.
Four years into the war on drugs, the government has not won a single case against a drug lord. I read in the papers that the cases filed against one or two drug lord suspects have been dismissed left and right.
Our Covid-19 cases continue to climb dangerously such that as of July 28, we have 83,673 cases with 1,947 deaths.
Apparently, PRRD’s bright ideas on how to disinfect facemasks and re-use them is not working. He should think of more effective jokes.
Forgive me but PRRD taking time to joke about Covid-19 at this time when many people are dying and a great majority of Filipinos are suffering from the pandemic reminds me of Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned.
President Donald Trump who is notorious for lying about and playing down the danger of Covid-19 at least does not consider the virus a joking matter.
Palace Spokesperson Harry Roque admitted that lapses have been committed in the handling of the Hatid Tulong program of the government which has occasioned the crowding of people at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex.
I would be deaf if after this I say Harry is not capable of accepting the truth. In fairness to Harry, I cannot say the same thing for his predecessor.
About former Palace Spokesman Salvador Panelo, I heard that he continues to successfully protect himself from Covid-19 by boosting his immune system and by eating lots of bananas.
I also heard he is willing and ready to get back his old job when Harry throws his hat into the political ring again in 2022.

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