Christmas Holidays

By Tedler D. Depaynos, MD

“Since it is Christmas time she promised herself to enjoy the season and to visit one or two specialists for their opinions before returning abroad. She then shouted Merry Merry Christmas! ”

December is usually a long month of joyous celebrations marked by a series of drinking and eating parties. Because of these, many of us have gained weight, worsened our bulging tummy and had increased our blood cholesterol and sugar. It is a time of family reunion and fellowships. It is also a time of gift giving which the children usually expect to happen. Likewise, It is also a time for the beggars to double their efforts. Some groups even start their celebrations a month earlier or extend it a month later because of the late coming of relatives especially those who came from abroad or due to the activities of the various organizations or various institutions they are connected to or employed. Some activities are made out of town.
Sadly, the significance of the December Holidays is sometimes forgotten or simply taken for granted. The birth of Jesus Christ which is being celebrated by the whole Christian world is not emphasized or even mentioned. Actually it is supposed to be the reason why Christians are feasting. Despite the Christmas lights, the decorations, the “Belen” depicting the manger where Christ was born, the various huge twinkling stars, the deep meaning of Christmas is simply forgotten.
As we know Christmas is the birth of Christ. From our Sunday school classes during our toddler years, we learned that He came into the world to save sinners. We are born sinners and He is the Saviour and all we have to do is believe in Him. Of course different religious denominations have different interpretations of the Bible and this I will not argue. But in general, I think Christianity is believing in Jesus Christ and His teachings.
Celebrating Christmas is now mostly enjoying your blessings and giving thanks. Everyone has his own blessings but as we know others are more blessed than others especially if we think in terms of material things. As I rule I think that we are all blessed in other ways. Material things others may profusely have, but problems concerning the heart, the family and their personal relationships with others may be greatly in need. So do not despair each has his own blessings. Growing old and smiling when meeting the New Year yearly is already a blessing. Others have gone ahead.
Giving thanks is not only directed to the Lord and following his Words. It is also and mostly manifested by sharing whatever you are blessed with although we cannot deny that many prefer receiving than giving. It is very comforting to know that giving of not only of material things but also professional deeds is a dictum of several individuals and various organizations. They do not only do it during Christmas time but whenever they have the resources and opportunity. Many do it incognito and when they have more than enough of black, non-sugared coffee, they humbly boast that their blessings have again doubled. As they say “Share your blessings”!

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