How about Loren at DND?

By Estanislao Albano, Jr.

“In that case, Philhealth has been very effective in its mandate to provide insurance coverage and thus help people maintain their health. Imagine being healthy until you are 130! Kudos to the Philhealth!”

According to a news story, a mother in Ukraine was caught by police while in the act of digging a tunnel towards the prison cell her son is detained in.
In the event that the son will get out of jail earlier, it will be his turn to dig a tunnel to free his mother.
Aside from the shocking corruption allegations against Philhealth, there are these widespread accusations that some people are dipping their dirty hands into Covid-9 funds.
Let’s all pray that these thieves will spare the Department of Health (DOH) otherwise its capability to defend us from the Covid-19 pandemic will be compromised to our great peril.
Had PRRD fulfilled his promise to end corruption in 3-6 months, we will not have this multi-billion stink in the Philhealth.
But it’s not yet too late for him to show us that the termination of ABS-CBN is not the only promise he could make good.
Senator Panfilo Lacson also urged Malacanang to take “drastic action” on the continuous and serious corruption allegations in the Philhealth.
The senator should have learned from the experience of the health frontliners that the President is resents people who make the government look incompetent. He should have made known his recommendation through a letter and not announce it in public.
Senator Lacson also urged Health Secretary Francisco Duque to resign out of delicadeza.
Sir, if Duque has any delicadeza, he would have already resigned when he embarrassed himself and the DOH for claiming that we are already in the second wave of the Covid-19 and later, that we have already flattened the curve. Imagine a Health Secretary making such preposterous and ignorant claims!
Two ostriches running around in a subdivision in Quezon City stole the show on Wednesday in mainstream and social media as photos, videos and stories of them circulated.
They are the latest ostriches to go public because since the pandemic began, many ostriches were on the loose in the metropolis holding meetings, press cons and generally carrying on.
From the Internet: “”Ostrich policy” is a metaphoric expression referring to the tendency to ignore obvious matters and pretend they don’t exist; the expression derives from the supposed habit of ostriches to stick their head in the sand rather than face danger.”
Mayor Vico Sotto of Pasig City expressed appreciation for their Covid-19 frontliners in stark contrast to the uncalled for behavior and language of PRRD to the groups of frontliners headed by the Philippine College of Physicians who asked to be given a breathing spell as they are thoroughly spent and need to regain their strength for the Covid-19 war and suggested some changes in the government’s response to the pandemic.
How I wish all of the country’s frontliners are like their counterparts in Pasig City!
Senator Christopher Go said that the fate of Philhealth President Ricardo Morales depends on the evidence against him.
All I know at this point is that the evidences in favor of Morales are very strong. He is a general and a resident of Davao City.
However, we still have to see if Morales is in the league of Mocha, Duque and Ronald Cardema who are good until June 30, 2022.
One of the amazing things uncovered during the Senate hearing on the Philhealth scandal is the presence of 5,000 130-year olds in the healthcare outfit’s database.
In that case, Philhealth has been very effective in its mandate to provide insurance coverage and thus help people maintain their health. Imagine being healthy until you are 130! Kudos to the Philhealth!
Philhealth President Morales said there are no healthcare systems in the world entirely fraud-free.
I am sure though that there are many healthcare systems in the world whose management is free of former military men.
Memes are circulating in media reviving Duterte’s promise not to tolerate corruption in his administration.
Let us remind government officials and employees to keep off corruption because the President will not tolerate it. Like he is not tolerating endo.
DILG Secretary Eduardo Ano told critics of the motorcycle barrier designed by the Inter-agency Task Force not to pretend they are experts or nagmamarunong.
The critics should heed Ano as designing motorcycle barriers is a 3-unit course in the PMA.
Department of National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said the Philippine Navy will not join maritime exercises of other countries in the South China Sea citing a standing order of President Duterte to that effect.
I have this feeling that the country will be better served and defended if instead of Lorenzana, Loren will head the DND.**

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