How to feed the Thai athletes

By Estanislao Albano Jr.

“It is also curious that the 2015 and 2016 editions of the Philippine Statistical Yearbook reflected the results of the next preceding year but the 2017 and 2018 yearbooks do not carry the 2016 and 2017 results. ”

Typhoon “Tisoy” threatens SEA Games – news
What, one tisoy is not enough?
Singaporean delegation to the SEA Games complain of the lack of halal food.
How could that be when our favorite activity is halalan?
Is it true that House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano is the first official in the world with a cauldron sanitaire?
We are really jinxed when it comes to seas. Look at the West Philippine Sea and now the SEA Games.
The only sea we’re doing well in is Fanta Sea.
According to sources, some foreign athletes are so pissed with all the hassles and deprivation since they arrived they are planning to bring the House Speaker to Tulfo.
The media reported that even the Thai players are complaining of lack of food.
Well we have imported shiploads of Thailand rice. Let’s cook some and serve it to them all they like.
Stung by media criticism that the drug war is not landing any big fist, President Rodrigo Duterte claimed he flung drug lord down a ravine in Mt. Province and another into the Manila Bay.
Sir, I heard they both survived and are now comfortably residing abroad.
Several legislators including Senator Panfilo Lacson are pushing for the restoration of GMRC
First, in fairness to those who made the decision to scrap the subject, many of us already showed we learned nothing in the subject before it was removed.
Second, first things first. Let Reading be restored first otherwise, how could our students read their lessons in GMRC?
President Duterte believes his friend Pastor Apollo Quiboloy really stopped the Mindanao earthquake.
Sir, please appoint him as Earthquake Czar right away!
It appears the power of Pastor Quiboloy is limited to stopping earthquakes otherwise, how would his dear friend the President say he has all illnesses one could name?
Senator Imee Marcos are among those who think P16B for the SEA Games is just too much.
Her Ilocano blood is manifesting.
According to Senator Christopher Go, the drug war could not be a failure since 82 percent of Filipinos approve of it.
Go may not yet have read about the time majority believed the sun revolved around the Earth,
After an SWS survey showed that China is the least trusted country among Filipinos, Palace Spokesperson Salvador Panelo expressed the hope that one day we will appreciate that country.
I know a way that can be instantly accomplished, sir. Let China leave the West Philippine Sea right away.
Commission on Human Rights Chair Chito Gasco says Senator Ronald dela Rosa does not know the Constitution.
In fairness to the senator, knowing nothing about the Constitution is a lot more patriotic than calling it pamunas puwet
I could understand why the DOH budget was cut by P10B.
Duterte never promised that we will all be healthy in 3-6 months.**

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