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By Estanislao Albano, Jr.

“Indonesian president forms national team to accelerate vaccine development”
Philippines not far behind — in developing beaches.”

Locals raise alarm vs fishy Pampanga COVID-19 hospitals exclusive for Chinese”
Me, I am very alarmed by the existence of Philippine officials exclusive for China. They might succeed in making the Philippines a province of China one day.
“Revilla forgives those who wished he died of COVID: ‘Think of karma’”
Personally, I did not wish the official died of the pandemic but only for him to return the P124M the Sandiganbayan ordered him to give back to the government.
Talking about karma, it also applies to keeping what does not belong to one.
“Typhoons leave behind mountains of trash on South Korean beaches”
If that was in the Philippines, DENR would already have moved in to rehabilitate and beautify the beaches. What’s the matter with the government environment people there?
“‘White-sand’ Manila Bay to benefit Filipinos’ mental health – Roque”
I still go with the people who say that coming at this extraordinarily difficult times when there are many ways government money could benefit the people better, the project is the result of poor mental health.
“Indonesian president forms national team to accelerate vaccine development”
Philippines not far behind — in developing beaches.
“Moreno vows ‘due diligence’ if Manila must deal with blacklisted China firms”
There is somebody in Manila who does not care about due diligence when it comes to dealing with the Chinese.
Senate Committee of the Whole recommended criminal charges against Health Secretary Francisco Duque and also called on the President to replace Duque and appoint a new health secretary with a “stronger will to fight corruption.”
Apparently, the only one in the Duterte administration with unquestioned will to fight corruption is the President himself.
“Duterte stands by Duque”
I am hoping that as they stand by each other, the two officials are standing by the Filipino people.
Duterte allies in the House believe the President needs emergency powers to stop the fix the Philhealth. Senator Panfilo Lacson disagrees saying only stronger political will is needed.
I agree with Lacson. But I would agree with the congressmen that the President needs emergency powers if the purpose is to clean up the House.
“Philippines’ coronavirus curve has flattened – UP expert”
I could believe this now because it did not come from Health Secretary Duque.
“Duque close to tears, on verge of quitting amid PhilHealth controversy – Go”
At that moment, the country came very close to getting a better Health Secretary.
Senator Bong Go is always all over the media making suggestions on how we could get rid of Covid-19 like telling the public to wear masks and follow protocols.
I still would have preferred that he strongly recommended early travel on China instead of joining the duet of the President and Secretary Duque that a travel ban would be unfair on China .
“New Philhealth chief vows to stop corruption in two years”
Not impressive. The standard is 3-6 months.

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