Penalty for starting a nuclear war

By Estanislao Albano, Jr.

“What is the top school for training Cabinet officials under the Duterte

China took the side of the Philippines in the case of the Iceland resolution giving the go signal to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to review human rights violations in the Philippines.

Let’s hope that the alliance will not extend to the case of the Recto Bank 22.
Why did the Recto Bank 22 change their tune after the visit of then Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Pinol to them?
Pinol allegedly told them the penalty for starting a nuclear war is 30 years imprisonment.
93 percent of Filipinos see importance of regaining control of China-occupied islands – SWS
Unfortunately, among the 7 percent are the national leaders who are peddling the tale that if we insists on our rights over the West Philippine Sea, we will be nuked for our troubles.
A few days into his new job as a senator, Gen. Ronald dela Rosa has committed several gaffes worst of which is “Shit happens” remarks while defending the police over the death of a three year old in a drug operation prompting Senator Risa Hontiveros to advise him to grow up and columnist Ramon Tulfo to describe him as a clown.
Dela Rosa believes in saving the best for the last. Up to this point, his Ph. D. is still not in evidence.
Dela Rosa on ‘shit happens’ remark: Sorry for the wrong choice of words – news
Obviously, Senator Emmanuel Pacquiao who volunteered to mentor Dela Rosa on his new responsibilities has not yet gotten around to the subject of choosing the right word.
Debates are fashionable these days.
Duterte challenged the United Nations to a debate.
Malacanang Spokesperson Salvador Panelo could hardly wait to debate with Amal Clooney, the lawyer of Rappler’s Maria Ressa in her tax evasion case.
What I am looking forward to is when Senators dela Rosa and Christopher Go will show their debating prowess in the Senate.
Manila Mayor Isko Moreno wants to have the Chinese who peed on the street and attacked a tanod to be banned and deported.
Nobody should give Moreno the idea of running for president because if he wins, we will be nuked everyday.
Pinol has been transferred from the DA to the Bangsamoro Region of Muslim Mindanao.
That cuts short the “Golden Age of Philippine Agriculture” but may yet pave the way for the long delayed fulfilment of the promise of Mindanao. Remember the nickname of Mindanao as the Land of Promise?
What is the top school for training Cabinet officials under the Duterte Administration?
Move over University of the Philippines. It’s the Philippine Military Academy.
Several Cabinet officials have been giving conflicting statements on the verbal fishing agreement between Xi Ping and Duterte.
How to stop the dissonance? Give each Cabinet member a black and white copy of the agreement.
By the way, since the agreement is verbal, unlike the EEZ provision of the Constitution, it cannot be used as toilet paper or pamunas puwet.
In a simulation, the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) proved that one could travel from Cubao to Makati in four minutes and 58 seconds running at 70 km per hour and with HPG escorts.
When will they inaugurate the new travel time from Cubao to Makati? I would like to experience travelling with HPG escorts.
Duterte Administration’s China policy is summed up in the word CHINA: Calimutan Hustisya Insik Nuclear Armas.**

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