Some astrological fun

By Atty. Antonio P. Pekas

“So all the friend wanted to see her for was to have somebody to cry to. In short, the Sagittarian intuition was right. It was good news after all.”

The weather is changing so a change in subject matter is in order.
This article is supposed to be a warm up for succeeding articles in an independent section of this paper. While it might be just for fun, it might interest you to know that many Chinese business people are the lifeblood of the few professional astrologers in this country. For every important decision, they have to consult a professional astrologer first. And it is not cheap. Nor is it easy to dish out. Valuable astrological advice often would take hours and hours of analysis before they are finalized.
For starters, our subject is a lady born on the 12th of September. I am not at liberty to disclose the year or her name.
Her sun is in Virgo which accounts for her analytical ability. Being in an earth sign, she is particular about hard evidence. Something that is on the ground. She would insist on the empirical method before coming out with a decision.
One of the many characteristics of Virgo is also being finicky about health and hygiene. She won’t suffer unhygienic environs or unhealthy ways.
Being meticulous is another Virgoan quality.
This leads us to another aspect of her astrological chart. Her Sagittarius moon. With that, she is fun to be with, upbeat most of the time, and honest. She loves knowing about foreign culture, foreign travel, and can readily cull knowledge from experiences.
Being a fire sign, Sagittarius accounts for her intuition. It is of the variety that makes her know about something that will happen, even if this flies in the face of hard evidence.
This conflicts with the Virgoan side of her that relies on hard evidence before she draws any conclusion.
Then there is another part of her astrological chart that would stir the pot even more. This is her Mars in Pisces. This is the angerl in her, the soft humanitarian heart that refuses to write off the downtrodden. There is still hope in these people, she would say. This part of her, among to many others, makes her the champion of the underdog. She, however, can be readily taken advantage of by unscrupulous people who know how to appear to her sympathy.
This part of her also is what makes her able to feel subtle things. It makes her capable of feeling what others are thinking about. Many times, she could second guess what will come next in a discussion as she has that well developed sense of feel. Before you say it, she might have already felt it.
Let us illustrate how these parts of her debate a situation.
A friend of her calls up and wanted to visit her. The purpose of the visit was not revealed so she wonders what is it about this time. Will the friend want to borrow money?
Her Virgoan side says, nope. She does not need money as she now has a good job. And whatever for will she need money?
So what’s the visit for? There is not much in her memory bank that could justify any empirical guess.
The soft side of her, however, was a bit uneasy. She felt that there was something sneaky about the visit. While there was no revelation, she felt that something was afoot. And there was a tinge of sadness in her friend’s voice that was concealed well.
So there was some confusion in her. Then comes in her Sagittarius energy which is most of the time upbeat or positive. It was practically saying, “Cheer up. Everything is gonna be fine. Something good is aborning.”
The friend comes around and she readily feels the sadness in her. But then she smiled. Then she started shedding some tears. Bad news was the immediate conclusion.
The friend then poured out her heart about the pain of having lived with a husband who was a hopeless partner for many years. Then she came out with the silver lining. She finally decided she will separate from him and that decision felt as if a big thorn was pulled out from her heart. It was a great relief. A new life. A new hope.
So all the friend wanted to see her for was to have somebody to cry to. In short, the Sagittarian intuition was right. It was good news after all. (More next week.)

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