Some facts about Cordillerans

By Atty. Antonio P. Pekas

““Better to die than be a coward” is their vaunted motto.”

In the presscon at the DOH I mentioned in the editorial of this issue, it was also found out that some Cordilleran policemen were overweight. There is a penalty for being overweight in the police force. You are not allowed to go for schooling, usually sponsored by the Philippine National Police (PNP), and if you don’t undertake the required studies, you will not get promoted. And when you don’t get promoted for a number of years, you will be kicked out from the service. That was how I understood it.
Why were some Cordilleran policemen overweight when they did not looked like it? There is no scientific explanation yet but what the PNP is trying to do is to come up with new standards for Cordillerans. What they are using now are the international standards. The only explanation I could think of is that their bones and muscles are denser.
I am wondering if such phenomenon was also observed among the Gurkhas of Nepal (but of Indian nationality) who are supposed to be the fiercest soldiers in the world. “Better to die than be a coward” is their vaunted motto. In the place where they hale from, it was the dream of every healthy young man to be accepted to the Ghurka Brigade of the British Army. Of course, the screening was very tough.
Another revelation about Cordilleran policemen is that the PNP when recruiting for its Special Action Force (SAF), its elite commando unit which was formed during the time of President Fidel V. Ramos , they consider first Cordilleran policemen. In other words, they give priority to Cordillerans.
I guess, this was the result of the top PNP honchos having seen the bravery of the Cordillerans. In battle, they were often the first to die because they are generally brave. They would be at the forefront in times of danger. In battle, others would just raise their armalites above their heads while hiding behind a mound or sandbag and firing randomly. Not the Cordillerans.
So much so that the first Cordilleran graduates did not last long whenever they were deployed in Mindanao during the 70s. One was a Besao-Chinese mestizo PMA graduate who perished in Mindanao in the early 70s.
Another topic discussed in the presscon was the matter of smoking and the anti-smoking ordinance. I then asked the lady doctor who is an expert on the matter the effect of smoking on the sex drive and if there are studies on this in the Philippines. She said, so far none in the Philippines she was aware of, but there are a lot in the US. “Pag chain smoker ka baka hindi siya makapag flag ceremony. Hindi na makatindig.” In short, heavy smokers might be unable to get it up anymore.
She continued to say that this can be considered a psychological incapacity which is a ground for the annulment of marriage. We lawyers know better. It depends on how it will pan out in court. But, verily, getting it up and performing in bed is one of the duties in marriage.
Usually press conferences around are timed so that at the end lunch would be served. It is usually a good time to banter with the expert resource speakers, and a time for bonding among the media people.
When the press guys were lining up for the food, I looked at the entries on the table and almost all were meat based dishes. I jokingly told the younger guys and girls, don’t eat meat and you will perform better in bed.
One of the guys smiled and said, “Sir, kelangan ang protein” for that.
Sure, but if the blood vessels are clogged with cholesterol, “:hindi siya makapag flag ceremony.”
Then I stepped out the door.
Coming from a vegetarian like me, the statement was certainly self-serving. Just a joke.**

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