To create and recreate opportunities

By Anthony A. Araos

“But, first there is a need to get investors to develop these sites. Hotels are needed for the accommodation of local and foreign tourists. ”

It is infinitely true that the creative partnership of Mayors Edralin Alipio of Alfonso Lista and Jimmy Padchanan Jr. of Mayoyao is likely to boost the economies of these two fast-emerging Ifugao towns in 2020 and beyond.
In continuing my commentary on this matter, briefly may I now zero down on its inherent benefits in the tourism industry. Collaborative ventures, for instance, in improving the stocks of the boating and horseback-riding attractions in these towns, are timely and relevant. Boating is an attraction in Alfonso Lista, particularly at BFAR park. While horseback-riding trails at Barangay Nattum in Mayoyao are among the best in Northern Luzon.
The interconnections of boating and horseback-riding as sporting events are quite obvious. So why not hold inter-towns competitions boat races and horse races at these sites? Development of dragon boat race and equestrian events in these places is an excellent idea.
The natural wonders of Alfonso Lista and Mayoyao surely offer sports and adventure opportunities.
But, first there is a need to get investors to develop these sites. Hotels are needed for the accommodation of local and foreign tourists. Subsequently, the need to put up facilities and infrastructure to improve the living conditions of the people in these sites.
For starters, Mayors Alipio and Padchanan should consider forging sisterhood ties between their municipalities. A councilor may file a resolution which aims to expand the cooperative agreements of said towns. It will boost the promotion of socio-cultural, trade and economic development. Each town would learn immensely from the other in terms of governance, disaster management, transportation, tourism, education and technology, among others.
The creative partnership inspires and motivates Mayors Alipio and Padchanan to create and recreate opportunities!
The year just past left Ifugao with huge economic problems, including high inflation, unemployment, power outages and low agriculture productivity. The tourism industry is in a dismal state. Many of these problems remain unsolved to this day.
Representative Solomon Chungalao, Governor Jerry Dalipog and Vice Governor Glenn Prudenciano need all the support and assistance of the well-meaning individuals in the private sector to address these long standing problems. Building a strong economy for Ifugao should be the priority of the provincial government. It will not only open more opportunities for global marketing and tourism, but will also employ thousands of Ifugao folks. It is hard to refute the fact that employment is a vital factor in a growing economy. More people getting jobs means more investments are coming in. In turn, attracting more investors simply entails improvement of the peace and order. The Dalipog administration should strengthen programs on social services, especially for children. This is finally the big chance of Congressman Chungalao, Governor Dalipog and Vice Governor Prudenciano to have a responsive and good governance. I’m counting on their integrity and wealth of experience to overcome poverty and underdevelopment by going beyond the individual and transcending personalities, but the big question is to what extent will the traditional politicians or “trapos” and department heads insist on merely holding poorly laid-out and boring parades and trade fairs during the “Gotad?” I pray to the Father Almighty, the Great Provider, for their wisdom, passion and strength to serve the people, most especially the poor.
There is optimism toward the future of Ifugao with Congressman Chungalao, Governor Dalipog and Vice Governor Prudenciano at the helm.
Vice Mayors Agapito Dominguez Jr. of Alfonso Lista, Tony Chilagan of Aguinaldo and Donald Monggohan of Banaue certainly have something in common.
They are steering and guiding well their Sangguniang Bayan members. They look for new ideas, strategies and tools to improve public service.
Vice Mayors Dominguez, Chilagan and Monggohan are role models as local chief executives for the province’s attempt to take a big leap into a higher level of multiplatform governance.
Henceforth, my heartfelt good luck wish for your journey, though difficult it may seem, to upgrade the conditions of your constituents. Without a doubt, the future holds so much promise for Vice Mayors Dominguez, Chilagan and Monggohan. Keep up the excellent work! God bless and Mabuhay!
Belated birthday greetings to Alfonso Lista neophyte Councilor Virginia Dinagtuan! She is an articulate lawmaker of Ifugao’s largest voting town, who has been a trailblazer in the field of public service in such a short span of time since she won in the May 2019 polls. Her experience as a public servant and retired public school principal eminently qualifies her to serve the province in a higher position by 2022. ALista folks are excited to have a voice at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. At present, Banaue has three board members. They are Orlando Addug, Perfecta Dulnuan and Clemente Bongtiwon. Alfonso Lista has none. God bless and Mabuhay!
Belated New Year’s greetings to former Board Member Samson Atluna of Mayoyao! Throughout these years, you’re still my idol!
The Philippine government reportedly just imposed a partial ban on sending Filipino maids to Kuwait following the murder of Jeanelyn Villavende. To my mind, it is a ridiculous way of handling this problem. For now, a full or complete ban of their deployment to Kuwait should be considered by President Duterte. Clearly, Filipinos have no jobs or opportunities in the country. The problem is easily attributed to the government’s failure to provide decent and high-paying jobs to its people. Why is this happening notwithstanding the promises of better lives by the “Honorable” public officials the hopelessly ignorant masses voted into office in the last polls? The government continues to pursue its “labor export” policy because remittances of OFWs are helpful in saving the gasping economy.
Did you know that building bridges between the LMDC (Lagawe Multi-Purpose Development Cooperative) and the impoverished communities where it operates is an asset of this highly-respected cooperative?
LMDC was conferred recently the prestige-laden Villar SIPAG Award for poverty reduction in ceremonies held at The Tent of the Vista Grand Villa at Las Pinas City. CEO and general manager Charles Balachawe received the award from Sen. Cynthia Villar. It also got Php250,000 for the feat. Twenty-one other cooperatives throughout the country were given the same award and cash incentive..
The provincial government should fittingly recognize this achievement and honor the LMDC with a testimonial dinner. I shall push this idea with Board Member Agustin Calya-en, chair of the Committee on Cooperatives and People’s Organizations.
Alfonso Lista folks have a champion in fixing the all-important budget of the municipal government. He is no less than Councilor Jaime Dog-e, chair of the Committee on Appropriations and Finance. Thus far, he is doing an excellent job in steering this committee. I’m ever optimistic that Councilor Dog-e shall maintain such course in 2020 and beyond for the people’s well-being. Hope he doesn’t waiver in his commitment to serve the people. A municipal government needs a responsible and adequate budget that serves taxpayers better- not raising spending with no serious effects to back it up.
Brainy tidbit: Republic Act No. 8435 or the Agriculture and Fisheries Act of 1987 mandates the Department of Agriculture to be on top of the construction and upgrading of farm-to-market road (FMRs) projects. Yet, barangay government officials in Ifugao and elsewhere are known to be spending so much time “seeking the assistance” of board members for funding. Most were never granted. The message is loud and clear: the job of the board member is to legislate, not provide you funds for a FMR at purok so-and-so. History will not be silent on this ongoing stupidity in barangay halls!
Barangay council officials in Lagawe should be once more reminded to triple their efforts in campaigning for compliance with the solid waste management program of the national government. Sadly, most residents are violating the law. Incredibly stupid folks should be told to be responsible and not engage in open burning of garbage. The town proper’s four punong barangays should exercise political will to contain this problem.
Blooper in Ifugao: An elderly in Lagawe was boasting the folks out here to be law abiding in so far as the ban on firecrackers during the New Year’s celebration. Well, at exactly 12 midnight, it was eerily silent. No firecrackers were heard! However, by 12:30 a.m. of January 1, 2020, firecrackers sounded off left and right. So really, you’re law-abiding? Hehehe!
For our food delights corner: It is still the perfect time to treat the family or loved ones to a delicious meal of baked liempo, steamed rice, macaroni soup and fried tilapia (fish) at dinner time. For appetizers and dessert: mocha cake, bananas and chilled mango juice. Don’t forget to pray for all these blessings.
Finally, here are some thoughts for our dear readers: “Rigidity and imbalance fuel one another in a vicious circle. And these days, the temptation to rigidity has become so apparent.” Pope Francis
“Time, patience and perseverance will accomplish all things.” Unknown **

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