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Undas 2019 generally peaceful

The observance of Undas 2019 (All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day) in the Cordillera was generally peaceful and orderly due to the cooperation and support of the community.
The PNP PROCOR has undertaken operational activities to thwart any criminal activities and threat to ensure a safe observance of Undas 2019. There was no significant incident region-wide, except for few violations of the “no bladed items/alcoholic drinks inside cemeteries policy”. Items confiscated were 57 bladed weapons and 7 alcoholic drinks which were returned to the owners upon their exit from the cemeteries.
The decline in the influx of passengers was attributed to the earlier vacation of students and work suspension that encouraged commuters to travel ahead of the long weekend.
Police officers were deployed to provide assistance along highways, in traffic management, and to ensure security assistance in cemeteries, churches, transport terminals, and other crowded places.

14 arrested for illegal gambling
On All Souls’ day, police operatives did not stop its anti-illegal gambling operations which resulted in the arrest of 14 gamblers (including a minor) at Lito Bucanog Building in Sitio Mansoyosoy, Catlubong, Buguias, Benguet on the night of November 2, 2019. They were playing “monti”.
In another operation, firearm, ammunition and assorted drug paraphernalia were confiscated and the following were arrested: Raul Vicente Nagayos, 41, Marcelo Colinio Bay-an, 35, Randy Damilo Alvares, 30, all farmers and residents of Bot-oan, Buguias, Benguet; Dimson, Atolba Tostos, 54; Manday Saadang Bawas, 39; Rolian Alipio Palangyos, 20; Melchor Dulagan Piligman, 21; Junilson Nginsayan Ulban, 24; Estado Lubiki Carino, 30; Jemer Alicnas Polasen, 31; Rey Domingo Lingbanan, 22; and Andrew Camti Labosnog, 44, all farmers and residents of Catlobong, Buguias, Benguet; Iyson Tiblac Bayas, 21, student; and a 16 year old lad, both residents of Catlobong, Buguias, Benguet.
During the operation, confiscated evidence were bet money amounting to Php24,740.00 and two sets of playing cards.
And a tracker team of Tabuk CPS and PIB Kalinga PPO confiscated a firearm, ammunition and drug paraphernalia after serving a search warrant for violation of RA 9165, otherwise known as Comprehensive Drugs Act, a person known as Shelo in his residence at Sitio Matocnang, Ipil, Tabuk City, Kalinga on the afternoon of November 2, 2019.
During the execution of said warrant, the suspect was not around, however, illegal items the illegal items were found: one (1) homemade shotgun; five ammo for a 12-gauge shotgun; one medium-sized transparent plastic sachet containing suspected shabu; and assorted drug paraphernalia.

NPA claims of recycled returnees debunked
The recent flurry of NPA propaganda on alleged “recycled rebel returnees” has been debunked with the recent surrender of the two (2) NPA veteran fighters who turned in their firearms as a manifestation of their rejection of violence and conflict.
At about 3:30 AM of November 3, 2019, Fermin Quidlayen AKA JET, 43 y/o, married, and a Vice-Squad Leader of KLG MARCO surrendered to joint elements of the 53MICO; 503Bde; 54IB; 50IB; PIB, MPPO; and Alpha Coy 77IB under COPLAN “BRIGHT BURN” at Sitio Patay, Poblacion, Sagada, Mtn Province. He turned in one (1) 5.56mm M16 assault rifle with defaced SN and one (1) magazine with 13 live ammunition.
On the same date, Benny Wadwadan AKA TUBAY (NPSRL), 47 y/o, another veteran surrendered at Brgy. Belwang, Sadanga, Mtn.Province. He also turned in one (1) 5.56mm M16 assault rifle with SN 4954045 loaded with one magazine. Both personalities were brought to HQs 53MICO at Brgy. Calanan, Tabuk City, Kalinga for custodial debriefing. They were assured of holistic packages of benefits under the Enhanced-Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP).**

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