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NPA camps contamintate water sources

Three barangays of Tadian, Mountain Province have been alerted regarding contamination of their potable water system after two NPA camps were found to have been established at the water source area. Dirty bandages, medical waste, and other detritus were scattered right next to the water reservoir and intake tank of their water system. Poisonous ingredients for improvised explosive devices (IEDs) along with finished products such as grenades and claymore mines were also discovered. At risk are the water systems of Duagan, Sumadel, and Nabitic. However, the Tadian Municipal Health Office must have to wait for clearing operations to terminate before it can address any water contamination supplying said barangays. This same problem was also raised by the residents of Bagnen, Bauko, Mountain Province whose water source was also contaminated not long before the encounter between the government forces and the NPA happened. They claim to have been suffering from dirty water as the NPAs have encamped near their water source.
Aside from contaminating the water sources, the NPAs also deliberately burned forests to escape pursuing government forces aside from employing IEDs/landmines in their unsuccessful attacks that could indiscriminately hurt or damage any individual, livestock, and properties aside from other negative effects to the local folks’ normal life.
The government forces fear for the life of the people who might be caught by the planted landmines. Despite the death and wounding of some of the PNP troops, the clearing and hot pursuit is still ongoing until the government forces make sure that the mountains are free from the landmines which the NPAs have planted.
On the morning of April 5, 2019, combined troops of the Police Regional Mobile Force Battalion and 53rd Division Reconnaissance Company of the Philippine Army discovered the first camp just 50 meters away from the reservoir tanks of the three barangays. Nearby were the improvised explosives and bomb ingredients that are toxic and could poison the water. Later in the afternoon, another encampment was found 300 meters away in a cave, where bloody bandages, used dextrose bottles and syringes, and catheters were scattered along with left-over food and food containers. The evidence were indicative of casualties incurred by the NPA during encounters with government troops since March 29, 2019.

Two rebels yield in Mtn. Province and Kalinga

Due to the ongoing intensified police operation against the members of the New People’s Army (NPA) rebels in the remote areas of Tadian Mtn. Province, two rebels surrendered to the government troops Monday, April 8, 2019.
Joint operatives of the Police Regional Office Cordillera and members of the different Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army received the two rebels of the Kilusang Larangang Guerrilla (KLG) MARCO.
NPA surrenderers identified as Lito Lannip Bulawit @ Joshua, 36, alleged member of the NPA and a resident of Brgy. Basao, Tinglayan, Kalinga voluntarily surrendered at the Headquarters of 503rd Brigade at Brgy Calanan, Tabuk City, Kalinga.
Bulawit surrendered to the joint members of Philippine Army, Tinglayan police and Intelligence personnel of Kalinga with his long firearm described as M16 rifle caliber 5.56mm and one short plastic magazine of M16 loaded with 11 live ammunition.
Prior to his surrender, Bulawit was allegedly recruited by Alex Bumusao @ Billy/SIPAT sometime in 2003 and joined the revolutionary forces that operated in the municipalities of Sagada, Bontoc, Besao, Tadian, all of Mtn. Province. Because of the hardships of living underground, and the growing disappointment of indigenous communities on the rebel leadership in these areas because of undelivered promises made him deicide to allegedly lie low and hid in Barlig, Mtn Province since 2016.
From there, a series of intelligence negotiations were undertaken between the army and one of his relatives since January this year that finally resulted in his peaceful surrender.
On the other hand, another rebel identified as James Maitang Biag @ Simon/Diver/RC, 49, resident of Sitio Tekdag, Brgy. Bagnen Proper, Bauko, Mtn. Province and a member of the Militiang Bayan (MB) under the KLG MARCO and KLG BAMPIS voluntarily surrendered on the afternoon of said date.
Biag surrendered to the operatives of the Intelligence Branch of Bauko Police, members of the Philippine Army and 14RCDG.
Both surrenderers claimed that the hardships within the NPA units are unbearable including the minimal support from the communities.**

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