Public warned on fake ancestral land titles

BAGUIO CITY – The National Commission on Indigenous Peoples – Cordillera Administrative Region (NCIP-CAR) managed to flagged down a fake title over a parcel of land in La Trinidad, Benguet.
The title was brought to the NCIP-CAR Regional Hearing Office (RHO) by a local lawyer to inquire if it was valid. Just by looking at the supposed title, NCIP – CAR Regional Hearing Officer Atty. Brain Masweng said that the same was fake and nothing more than a scrap of paper.
Masweng then immediately informed the NCIP-CAR regional director to recommend that the public be informed considering that the title looked good and almost passed the scrutiny of a local lawyer.
The title mentioned laws that are, in fact, non-existent such as the ‘Real Property Act 1858’ and ‘IPs/ICCs Torrens System Law.’ The title likewise stated Presidential Decrees (PDs) which were long abandoned.
Adopting the recommendation of Masweng, the NCIP-CAR regional director issued a public advisory regarding fake ancestrlal land titles and the same was posted in the NCIP-CAR social media account. Subsequently, the NCIP-CAR received information that some individuals were deceiving indigenous peoples (IPs) and indigenous cultural communities (ICCs) in this region by giving them false hopes they could have titles over their ancestral lands if they pay P50,000.00 to P90,000.00.
These title are being issued by a certain “Ang Bagong Lahing Pilipino Multi-Purpose Cooperative” which was duly registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) but whose registration was suspended.
“We would like to inform the IPs/ICCs in the Cordillera that NCIP is the only agency authorized by the government to issue titles over ancestral lands”, said NCIP Regional Director Atty. Roland Calde. He added that NCIP will be taking legal steps against unscrupulous individiduals extorting from IPs by promising them titles over their ancestral lands.** Rocky Ngalob

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