The Ayyoweng di Lambak ed Tadian festival

The Ayyoweng di Lambak ed Tadian festival started with the conduct of the Anap di Bangan 2019 on February 27, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. and the opening of the Agro-Industrial Fair on February 28, 2019.The agro-industrial fair was one of the highlights of the festival aimed at showcasing the agricultural and industrial products of the municipality. Also, it is one way of promoting these products to potential buyers.
The crowned Bangan di Tadian 2019 was Ms. Quenne Balonglong Bantiloc of Lubon, Tadian, who will be representing Tadian Municipality in the 2019 search for Ms. Mountain Province come Lang-ay Festival on April, 2019. On the other hand, the activities during the opening of the agro-industrial fair were the agro-industrial parade with the agro-industrial products of Tadian, an ecumenical service participated in by the different religious groups in the municipality, the opening program with the address of Atty. Eric O. Ueda– TESDA Provincial Director as the guest of honor, ribbon cutting for the Agro-Industrial Fair, Blessings, judging and visitation of the 21 agro-industrial booths (19 barangays, TSAT and MPSPC), partaking of indigenous dishes and ball games.
The Ayyoweng Festival lasted until March 3, 2019. Highlights of the activities were: March 1 – the Municipal Civic Parade which was participated in by all sectors in the municipality and the ground demonstrations by the elementary schools; March 2 – the Cultural Day that featured street dancing, cultural presentations and the ceremonial games (bahagketball & volleyball women in gabey & lamma); and March 3 – the Achievers Day that featured the achievers parade, awarding ceremonies and ground demonstrations by the high schools and the community.
Mayor Anthony D. Wooden and Mountain Province TESDA Provincial Director Atty. Eric O. Ueda led the cutting of ribbon for the opening of the Agro-Industrial Fair while Rev. Fr. Archimedes Turtem led the blessing of booths with the presence of the Sangguniang Bayan members led by Vice Mayor Alfonso Polan, TSAT Principal Mr. Dionisio Wacdisen and Municipal Agriculturist Mary Aida Sulipa. The Ayyoweng Festival is a subtle and a powerful medium through which the “i-Tadian” communicate their varied emotions to the outside world. It is an avenue where the many beautiful and value-laden cultural practices of the past, especially those that are almost forgotten, can re-surface to give inspirations especially to the young generation of Tadian. “It will likewise help us trace our origin as a people, and move on to purify and enrich our culture to be relevant with the needs of the times yet still stand out as “i-Tadian.”
Ayyoweng is a kankanaey term that refers to indigenous melodies like the native chants and any rhythmical sound produced by indigenous musical instruments like the takik. It also denotes the enchanting characteristics or “ganges” of any music and the movements that go with it that captures the appreciation of a listener and onlooker.The day-eng, da-ing, yoga, oggayam, salidummay, liw-liwa, luglogammits, and rhythmical sounds produced by the use of the gangsa and other native musical instruments are essential parts of ayyoweng.
On the other hand, Lambak refers to a clan festival, whether as a thanksgiving to the Supreme Creator for a bountiful harvest or to usher family reunion such as weddings, baptisms and anniversary celebrations. While traditional “ Lambak” had been associated with the playing of gongs, it incorporates the use of musical modern instruments and activities signifying our moving forward with the trend of the times. The incorporation of other activities aside from our indigenous music, dances, games and sports eventually enriches us culturally and educationally towards a better and more progressive municipality. The Ayyoweng Festival was given birth and was launched in 2009 through the collaborative efforts of the communities of Tadian and Tadian LGU with the leadership of former Mayor Constito Masweng and former Vice Mayor Febe Sally-Cawilan.
The new Municipal Administration in 2010 through the leadership of Mayor Anthony D. Wooden sustained the growth of the festival and used its objectives towards the development of Tadian. Highlights of developments that anchored on the festival which are the legacy of Mayor Anthony Wooden’s administration to the people of Tadian follow:
1. The institutionalization of the festival through Municipal Ordinance No. 07 s. 2016. “An ordinance institutionalizing the conduct of the Ayyoweng di Lambak ed Tadian Festival which starts on the second week of February to the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of March of every year in the Municipality of Tadian, Mountain Province”. The institutionalization put in-place the festival as one of the permanent yearly activity/program of the municipality with the necessary fund support;
2. The giving birth and launching of the festivals of the 19 barangays of Tadian that support the Ayyoweng Festival and the socio-economic activities of the 19 barangays in the municipality;
3. Launching and putting in-place of the tourism activities of Tadian vis: (a) Construction and establishment of Tadian visitors (tourism) information center, (b) Construction of Tadian Binangi as the indigenous cultural center of Tadian, (c) Establishment of Tadian Museum; and (d) Establishment of Tadian tourism packages that improved the tourism activities in the municipality.
4. Improved tourism activities and tourist arrivals that were essential for the following road mprovements: (a) Approval and Improvement of Guinzadan-Cagubatan-Lenga-Dacudac-Balili via Cagubatan-Banaao tourism road leading to Mt. Mogao, Enchanted Eel and Gawaan Lake. The road construction/improvement was started in 2014. The road improvement is still on-going, (b) Approval and Improvement of Tadian – Sagada via Besao leading to stone frogs of Sumadel and rice terraces of Bantey, Tadian. The road’s construction/improvement in 2018 at Poblacion, Tadian and at Besao, Mountain Province . The road improvement is still on-going, (c) Tourism Development of Mount Mogao through the Construction of Steps going up to its peak, (d) Tourism development of Gawaan Lake to boost its potential such as boating and others,.
5. The improved and sustained agro-industrial fair as an essential segment of the festival, also paved the way for the conceptualization and eventual realization of the funding of the following road projects under the Roads Leveraging Linkages of Industry and Trade (ROLL IT) of the DTI – DPWH Convergence Program: (a) Improvement of Nacawang-Mabalite road which was started construction in 2018. The road improvement is still on-going, (b) Improvement of Masla-Duagan road which was started construction in 2018. The road improvement is still on-going, (c) Improvement of Lubon-Bilig road. The road improvement will commence this 2019, (d) Improvement of Asdan-Kadso-Masapa road. The road improvement will commence this 2019, (e) Improvement of Bunga-Gayang-Palina road. The road improvement will commence this 2019, (f) Improvement of Banao-Lenga-Cadad-anan-Am-am road. The road improvement will commence this 2019.**

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