Yaranon asserts responsible pet ownership

Councilor Mylen Yaranon proposed an ordinance calling for responsible pet ownership in the City of Baguio. The measure aims to educate pet owners on the importance of cleaning up after their pets and to be responsible in the proper disposal of pet waste.
“Waste of dogs, cats, or other animals left on the streets, on sidewalks, and on the ground of any public place is a growing problem in our community because the waste is smelly, unsightly, and is an environmental pollutant,” Councilor Yaranon explained.
Yaranon further claimed that the undisposed pet waste gets washed and goes to local waterways, thus, posing danger to public health. She asserted that keeping these waste deposits off the ground is an important duty and responsibility of every pet owner.
Once enacted, the measure will ban pets to defecate on the sidewalks, streets, on the ground of any public place, floors, walls, and stairways. It will also prohibit pets from defecating on the roof of any public or private premises and in an unfenced area abutting a public place.
Under the ordinance, pet owners will be mandated to carry a waste scooper and a waste bag to pick up the fecal waste when walking their pets and to also dispose it properly.
Every barangay in the City of Baguio will be tasked to put up a “Curb your pet” sign in conspicuous places in order to encourage residents to be responsible pet owners. The sign will remind residents to clean up their pets’ waste. A committee will be created in every barangay responsible in ensuring successful implementation of the ordinance.
Upon approval, anyone who violates any provision of the ordinance will be fined P500.00 for the first offense, P700.00 for the second offense, 1,000.00 for the third offense, and P1, 500.00 for the succeeding offenses. ** Paul Dean Mark Pila

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