City issues more than 20 thousand business permits in four months


The city government continues to engage with various business sectors in the Summer Capital to find solutions in making the business permit application process easier and less tedious, according to Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) head Allan Abayao.
Abayao disclosed that his office issued a total of 20,375 business permits from January 1 to April 30, this year, which is more than the 18,055 business permits issued during the same period in 2023.
He is also expecting an increase in the total number of business permits to be issued this year as compared to last year which totaled 24, 426.
Abayao said that applications for new business permits at the BPLO are processed within 20 minutes and even quicker (10 minutes) for renewal as long as these are all submitted complete and with all the necessary clearances from concerned offices and agencies.
He said that his office is also issuing temporary permits in certain situations where a delay occurs in the process but the permit application is ongoing and has already obtained a fire and building clearance stating that it is safe for occupancy.
However, the temporary permit will immediately be cancelled if it is evaluated by concerned offices that major problems are still present since having a permit is a privilege and not a right, Abayao stressed.
In line with the government’s Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA) and Ease of Doing Business policy, other measures that have eased the application process, he said, are the integration of barangay clearance issuance into the city government’s system and availability of online payment and application.
Abayao stressed that his office continues to regularly inspect business establishments to make sure that they are strictly adhering to various rules and regulations.**Gaby B. Keith


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