Baguio is losing it


Everybody was expecting Baguio City would be impossible to move around in last Holy Week. It turned out to be the opposite. There was no gridlock traffic and tourists were relatively sparse.
The reason was what a Metro Manilan said long ago when all roads led to Baguio every Holy Week: “Huling Holy Week ko na dito sa Baguio.” For what was the use of coming up when you would just be marooned in your hotel or wherever you were billeted. When moving around was practically an impossibility. That was about 40 years ago when there were no other competing destinations during long weekends.
Now after that length of time, the problems are still the same in Baguio. No parking spaces. Gridlock traffic. And questionable availability of accommodations during such times. While the supply of potable water has yet to become critical, that point might soon be reached if we just sat down and twiddled our thumbs which appears to be what is happening.
Another major reason why the city was relatively empty was the effect of competition from equally desirable places like the beaches of La Union, Pangasinan, all the way to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. There are also other tourist sites there like the windmills.
Metro Manilans have more choices which are even nearer. There is Subic in Olongapo. There are the resorts of Batangas and the hot springs and other tourist spots of Laguna.
The point is if Baguio officials cannot get their act together to make the city a better tourist destination, we will be the loser in the long run.
All the plans for more parking, better public transportation system and better infrastructure are all just on paper. Kennon Road, for instance, which is the best route to the city from the lowlands in terms of distance and convenience is closed most of the time.
Without any substantial change in the situation of the city to attract tourists, we might as well say goodbye to any hope of becoming a prime holiday destination again.**


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