Big booboo of the military?


One of the big news last week was the dismissal of the case presumably filed at the instance of the military or state agents. It was a big booboo. It happens all the time. It reflects how the government is being run. How inefficient it is.
We have to presume the judge knows his law. So why was that case filed in the first place? Every lawyer has a good insight on how a case will fare in court before he files it. If government lawyers knew that it will most probably be dismissed, why file it at all. Instead, more effort should have been exerted to strengthen it if that was possible.
Now, the leftist accused in that case can file a case for damages. For no other conclusion can be drawn aside from it was having been intended to harass them. But then again there are realities to be dealt with. They might end up being shot to death. If you cannot jail them due to incompetence, shoot them. Harassment is a popular military option to cover up for incompetence and corruption.
A big question here is where is the intelligence fund of the government going? Such is not small or petty cash. It runs in the billions. Yet as many policemen or undercover agents often grumble, they could not even buy sensitive information leading to the arrest of others because they could not even buy for informants a bottle of beer. That is how corrupt the system is. All the way to the top.
Is it also the same thing among the leftists? There are known leftists before who were good in talking but should have started their clamor for change among themselves. They were so steeped in vices yet they have the gall to point out the defects of those in government. After so many years they are still the same, hence they are also easily corrupted which is from what we heard is also a big issue among their ranks. Want to see luxurious residences? See those of their leaders.
So what are they offering to the people? Not really much.
All of these boil down to what Arthur Koestler once said to the effect that only the saints who are also revolutionaries can save us.**


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