Cause for our backwardness exposed anew

Only in the Philippines. Instead of public officials leading the way in following the law or the rules, they are the first violators. For their selfish interest. Even at the risk of the country being punished by the World Health Organization before the glaring eyes of the whole world. We are referring to some local politicians and other personalities having skipped the line of those who want to be vaccinated.
What we have are just over a million jabs donated by China (Sinovac) and those donated by the WHO (Astrazeneca).It was imposed by the WHJO for the health front liners to be prioritized. Then came the news the other day that a number of mayors and other influential personalities bumped off some of those on the line. This could endanger more of the vaccines scheduled to be donated to us again by the WHO. And rightly so. Why should the WHO give us more if the doses will just go to the influential and powerful?
The more important part of those incidents is the exposure of one of the major reasons why this country is a basket case when it comes to development or general socio-economic and political progress. We are or we have become a nation of thieves.
Pushing off health front liners from the line is stealing their chance to be inoculated because of the nature of their job which is to constantly deal with those infected with Covid-19. If politicians can steal right before the glaring eyes of the whole world, then you can just imagine how much they are stealing from us behind our backs.
With that, it appears that a lot of our leaders are taking the Duterte administration as if it were a joke. So many hopes were dashed because when PDu30 won, there was a big expectation some discipline would be developed among our leaders. Now it appears the expectation was without basis.
It is a matter of scratch my back and I will scratch yours. The President needs the cooperation of local politicians now that the 2022 local and national elections are just around the corner, and because the sound of a Duterte and Duterte slate for the top two elective positions of the country is becoming louder and louder.
In sum this recent exposure of our being ruled by a lot of thieves also validates what kind of people we are. We have been, and we will still be voting, for them into public offices.**

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