Death and rebirth

When a serious relationship of ours end, a part of us die. Some may take off in a hoot to find a new partner, while others may grieve for sometime, and still others grieve for a lifetime. Whatever the case, a part of us dies to be later reborn as a new energy, usually with the intention to do better next time.
More so in marriage. Some of those who break up get depressed for a long time. It is worse than death, for it would be like being suspended in animation, just half-dead.
Yet somehow, they would stir back to life. Practically, it would be a rebirth. With it comes a new perspective, a new life or energy, and a more mature way of looking at things.
Groups or societies also die. In wars they get obliterated, along with so many of their members. Yet, whether vanquished or victors, they emerge different for the better. In such conflicts, a lot are learned in terms of ways of life and institutions.
In an individual’s death, either one goes to heaven as Christians would have it, or get reborn as another human as Eastern religions would like us to believe. Either way, an improvement happens. If one goes to heaven, it would be an unimaginable improvement. If one is reborn as another human, it is supposed to be an improvement or a chance to atone for past sins to later result in improvement of one’s situation.
The process of dying is never easy, even if just a part of us dies due to the end of a relationship. It could mean dark days for a long time.
In the death of an individual it can literally mean writhing in pain as when one had to go through cancer.
More so in societal deaths. Millions of those vanquished in war might have to suffer in slavery for centuries before they could see the light at the end of the tunnel.
In short, some suffering have to be endured before some sort of resurrection happens.
Since, such always result in betterment, then the suffering has to be endured with a lot of deep thought, or prayer, or meditation on what would be the better way to live the next life. Otherwise, the process just might turn out to be a waste of time. It could even mean retrogression instead of progress.**

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