Denigration of checks and balances in government

It results in people in government thinking that they own the money or whatever resources they are handling as officers or employees. As such they could do as they wished regarding such.. They could spend the money or dispense it in accordance with rules apparently, but actually these go to friends or cronies having business with government as contractors or in whatever capacity. Many times these are not actually cronies but their dummies. It is called corruption.
Recently, the Commission on Audit was berated if not insulted by the President for doing its job, cabinet secretaries were told not to appear before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee investigating alleged corruption in the acquisition of overpriced face masks and face shields and as to the judiciary, supposedly the arbiter of any disagreements, its membership are appointed by the President making them, to a certain extent, beholden to him.
While there is no perfect human institution, we have come quite far in institutionalizing mechanisms to minimize abuse of one’s position or influence. When that is disturbed or denigrated, it results in trampling of our rights and corruption or outsight stealing of our money in government coffers.
If we are not being served properly in government offices because of substandard equipment and materials, it is the result of corruption. If our rutted roads are destroying our vehicles and impeding our travel, or if people are dying or not getting well in government health facilities due to lack of doctors or nurses and other personnel, these are caused by corruption.
Are we helpless about it? No, we can do a lot about it. Just by denouncing the abuses of power by officers and employees of government, all the way to the very top, we are doing something about it. This can be done in our individual ways, or one need not be in the mass media or in a position of power to do this. Pointing this out to an acquaintance or a friend, or just about anybody such as a seatmate in a passenger jeepney or a bus can spread the word and can make us feel that we are not so useless or powerless against the powerful or the mighty.
As has always been said in innumerable e ways, it takes only silence on our part, we ordinary citizens, for corruption and abuse of power or dictatorial tendencies and corruption to flourish.
Let us be vocal regarding these, and we will have a better future.**

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