Do the powers that be feel our pain?


The burning issues for everyone are the deleterious effects of inflation. The prices of all basic commodities have gone sky-high. Even more than double how they used to be.
And nothing to pull us out of the rut. That is the news everyday. You open the news and the constant thing there is the lack of any credible government action worth calling a game changer. Something to give hope to us the common people of a more equitable distribution of the nation’s wealth or opportunities becoming the norm in this country.
While we Cordillerans, having been born and raised in adversity will make it, as our ancestors have been making it, there is no guarantee our “more equitable“ situation compared to that of most of our lowland compatriots will continue.
The gap between those who have and those who have-not is slowly widening everyday. It would not be long as we go through the brainwashing effect of society’s materialistic values and the gap would be so wide. Along with it would be a lower quality of life of the collective.
To arrest that downslide is for all of us to look at ourselves and ask how complicit we had been in the process, particularly in the exercise of our political rights. Have we been voting wisely and have we exerted enough effort to help educate others to do the same? Or have we been as opportunistic as the rest, particularly, those lording over us?
If your answer is negative, it is high time we all started being vocal against all persons and institutions perpetuating the Philippine situation. More importantly, we should do the necessary acts, even in our small ways, to someday change the situation.
To answer the question if the powers-that-be feel our pain, no they don’t. They are busy taking care of their vested interest to perpetuate themselves in power than to try to solve the problems of those who voted for them.**

Thus, the vicious cycle will keep on going. And so will our pain dealing with the effects of ever rising inflation. **


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