Don’t underestimate your FB account being hacked


In an effort to transmit the immediacy of the matter, I am writing this in the first person.
It started with one phone call, and then another, and another… Then the messages of FB friends and relatives from all corners of the globe, “your FB account was hacked.”
I very much appreciate those concerns, particularly those who took the trouble of calling me up early in the morning. One called just to inform me he was going to “unfriend” me. He, like me, must value friendship even just on FB. Yes, I don’t take such lightly.
I heard of such things happening before, including CP numbers being hacked, but I never minded these. “So what? What’s the big deal?” So easy to say when you are not in the receiving end. Now I know better. What If clients don’t send messages anymore? We receive a number of these everyday coming from faraway places, often accompanied by documents. That would mean killing the layer of the golden eggs.
So now I can say it is a very big deal. Suddenly you are isolated. You cannot post things anymore as you used to. Or you have to be careful, like having to watch your back when communicating. Meanwhile you know that things are happening using your name or your FB account.
If you have some money in banks that can be accessed through your phone or FB account or other data about you, then you are done for. Because such can be found from your day-to-day transactions or communications.
Suddenly, you might find out your bank account is empty. Yet, that might be the least of your worries. For the worst that can happen might involve your life or freedom. You might be sent to jail. That can happen when the hacker and his cohorts use your phone number, FB account or email address in committing a syndicated crime. Then later, you might be innocently going about your day to day life not knowing you are already being investigated for a crime. You would then be jolted afterwards by an invitation to report to the NBI to explain your communications with Chinese suspected spies or POGO operators or some other shady characters.
The brighter side of all these is I learned a lot from the feedbacks. One said, he blocked my number and FB account right away so the hacker will not get more data about me and FB friends. Another informed it is the reason why he does not entertain friend requests if not accompanied by a picture. Another told me to change my password and the name of my account. Etcetera. Etcetera.
The bottom line is don’t take electronic communications lightly especially now when everybody is into the social media due to business or professional needs, or just simple addiction. Guard your passwords or personal data as if your life is dependent on these. For it is.**


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