Dutertes vs. Romualdezes


Just the other day, in resuming the session of Congress, Speaker Romualdez said, I will stand and fight gainst those who scare us for them to get what they want. According to one of this political factotums, it was a swipe against the Dutertes, father and daughter. It appears, this was a consequence of the realignment of the confidential funds of the vice president as such and her being the secretary of the DpEd. The funds were instead given to security agencies.
Then there is the denial of the former president of any involvement in a coup plot or political destabilization move. Although he admitted meeting with some retired generals.
All this will come down to the Dutertes vs. the Marcos-Romualdez clans. While it will drag our economy down, some good things will result.
As the bickering, rather, saber rattling heats up, a lot of skeletons being hidden by both camps will spill out of closets. The Marcos-Romualdez camp having been in power for the longest time must have a lot of these.
The Dutertes also are not saints. They had long been in power in Davao and there are many allegations against them regarding government funds and even worse, so called death squads. Then there was the Pharmally caper involving billions of pesos.
There can be investigations after investigations regarding these but the results will be disappointing to say the least. These will just be additional waste of public funds.
Better if they will end up shooting each other. If things will not go that far as long as the quarreling will really heat up, the skeletons in closets will come tumbling down, and the public will greatly be benefitted.
We desperately hope, the voting public will wake up to the true nature of members of these warring clans whom so many blindly idolize even if they are causing the people’s socio-economic and political miseries.**


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