Government has to improve our infra, but……


The traffic stood still for hours. As if the world stood still for the road to be paved. Deadlines could not be met. Progress sort of got erased from the world’s vocabulary.
Was it a Baguio road or a La Trinidad road? It did not really matter. It had been happening of late everywhere. In the city’s nearby towns and in city streets. Everybody just got ignored as if we did not matter at all.
We do need the roads to be paved. Other infrastructure to be maintained. But not in a stupid way. Not by just ignoring everybody as if they did not exist. Due regard must be had for the welfare of everyone. Not just those of contractors, or to just satisfy the bloated ego of politicians to have bragging rights that there was something they had done.
Then again, that is how things go. After citizens had cast their votes on election day, they are just considered ordinary numbers. Just statistics. Not warm bodies whose welfare was the main purpose government was invented in the first place.
Yes, we do forget. And that is the start of political careers starting to go on a downward spiral.
Associated with such downward spiral is when sitting leaders start becoming calcified in their interactions with their constituents. When their sources of ideas remain to be the old guards. New sources of ideas are not sought. In that case, nature starts taking care of itself. Time for new replacements to come it. New ideas. New energy.
So simple, yet readily forgotten by leaders. Always, this happens when they start wallowing in the comforts of their political spoils. Their idealistic purposes forgotten, the end would be near.
Look around and they are everywhere in their illusions of political immortality.**


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