Ideology gone wild

If they are really for humanity, then they should be the first to show that they are just. Being referred to are the local communist groups—the NPA, etc. If they are just paying lip service to the word justice, especially when it comes to human lives, then they are just a bunch of opportunists, taking up arms against the government to serve only their selfish interests.
Look at their use of landmines. One, set up in Anas, Masbate killed innocent bikers. And it has to be presumed that they expected that. That is what landmines are for. To kill just anybody, even innocent bystanders, including hapless kids and nursing mothers.
The communist movement admitted full responsibility for it. If it was a mistake, by some eager beavers among their ranks, then they indeed should surrender the culprits to authorities, to be fairly tried, so the victims’ parents and loved ones can be given the justice they deserve.
If the communist groups don’t at all care for justice, then what are they fighting for? While such groups are composed of individuals and each have a natural tendency to look only after his or her self-interest, as a group, they should be more than individuals in terms of controlling stupid moves that greatly affect other people or the public in general.
At the outset, the use of landmines reveals the lack of care for humanity’s welfare. This is clearly proven by their refusal to surrender those who were responsible for that murderous act of setting up a landmine.
While the communist groups are being fed by their call for accountability on the part of government officials, as such is the cause of the suffering of the masses, then this is the time for them to show that they are themselves accountable for their acts. If they cannot show such policy of accountability, especially for the loss of innocent lives, then they have no right to call for such from others. Doing so would be hypocrisy.
Make no mistake about it. The communists are calling for the right thing, but they should show that themselves. Otherwise, they are no different from the people in government they want to replace.
So why should we, the people believe in them?**

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