More hardships ahead


The delivery to Subic Bay by the US government of more than 9 million gallons of clean fuel is very worrisome. Is there some basis for the alarmist fear of Senator Imee Marcos expressed the other day regarding that? As surmised, it might be in preparation for a war between China and Taiwan.
All the most powerful countries and their close allies are the biggest producers of firearms, bombs, equipment and other necessities to win a war. With any war, they will economically prosper. So war mongers they are. Talk of the USA, Russia, China and the smaller nations aligned with them.
There will be a great naval battle in the South China Sea or the Indian Ocean as circumstances now point to. And as predicted by Nostradamus about 500 years ago, the Reds will become pale with fear.
Sadly, when elephants quarrel, they trample over small creatures like ants. The Philippines and other small and weak countries will be the ants. Yes, Labanet, the drums are being beaten for war. Not just an ordinary war. It will be the Third World War.
The effect on us will be humongous hardships, the likes of which we have never seen. Who will survive? It will be those who will be comfortable with difficulties and with positive attitudes. Those with small plots of land and know how to work them will have something to eat. Never mind if there would be no salt, sugar or cooking oil available. With resourcefulness, these can be remedied or happinly done without.
The cry babies will be the most pitiful. They will waste whatever energies they have on pitying themselves instead of doing something about their cirumstances. Sure, nothing would be easy, but as time and again said, it is during such times when the tough gets going.
It is in big crises that socio-economic hierarchies are swirled and overhauled by great social forces. Some will suddenly find themselves above the others. It would not be surprising when some of those who had been lording over us will wake up one morning at the bottom of the pile of rubble.
As always such will be some reason to cheer up. We just have to be prepared to be able to roll our sleeves even higher and work harder. After all life should be good for everyone worth calling human.**


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