No need for brains?

You’ve got to raise money to have a credible campaign. Next priority is not brains or intelligence. Common sense will do. The most important, however, is an organized army of effective “trollers”. By their quick-to-the-draw fingers on cellphones or computers, they can convince the multitude to believe on any candidate and on his viewpoints on any issue under the sun.
They can make any bad issue against him disappear and any achievement, no matter how minuscule, become gigantic.
And so has the political landscape greatly changed. Refuse to believe this at your own peril. The proofs, as you might not have noticed the past few years, is the appearance of Pres. Duterte of being teflon coated. The Otso Deretso senatorial candidates of the opposition came to sound more like Zero Deretso. The survey ratings of the President are always superb no matter that 40% or more of Filipinos are going hungry— that would be about 44 million people. And the continued prevalence of corruption all over doesn’t seem to matter in the coming polls. So now, we are seeing a “Dutertes Forever” in the national political scene, if not the top post in these islands.
Even the grossly popular Manny Pacquiao as presidentiable has become almost water under the bridge. He was unceremoniously kicked out as president of the PDP-Laban political party and it appears that did not even make a stir in the bar of public opinion. His view points now that are contrary to those from the Palace seem to sound not to be worthy of note. In no time, as the “trollers” go to work, such would sound like the tantrums of a whipped spoiled brat.
If local candidates are not busy organizing their own groups of “trollers”, they might soon find out that its too late. And a humongous mistake. Even BENECO appears to have its own “trollers” at work.
Will the output of “trollers” be more significant than the performance of leaders in the private or public sectors?
We say that the effects of “trollers” are just like a fad that will soon pass. The bottom line will still remain to be the actual merits of leadership.**

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