Nuclear energy, can we handle it?


President Marcos signed several agreements with the US that should eventually lead to the utilization of nuclear energy as part of our sources of energy mix.
This is timely considering the staggering increases in our electric bills of late. But can we handle the risks associated with it?
Doubtless, nuclear energy is a lot cleaner compared to other sources like coal and OPEC juice. But still fresh in our minds were the accident at Three Mile Island in the US and the Chernobyl, Ukraine nuclear disaster in 1986. It is by far the worst having caused at least 31 deaths and thousands and thousands of people acquiring thyroid cancer and still counting as the radioactive danger is still there. Most of those cases were caused by radioactive pollution in the environment like by drinking milk from cows within a 30 square mile vicinity.
Nuclear waste is the hardest risk to deal with as the radioactivity can last for thousands of years. It would be hell for that length of time as it would continue to be causing deformities or abnormalities to the unborn and innumerable unheard of diseases.
So much so that the practical way to dispose of the waste is by burying it deep into the ground and then cementing the surface. It could outlast the cement though such that a shallow “grave” can enable the radioactivity to get through. Another suggestion was to encase the waste and then send it to space where it can safely float for millions of years. Economically, however, that is outrageous. The Three Mile Island and Chernobyl disasters were caused by corruption, incompetence of designers and also inefficiency in administrations of safeguards and operation. These are all prevalent in all parts of our government and institutions or firms it runs or operates.
Operating any nuclear facility, therefore, in our beloved country would be genocide waiting to happen. Having our politicians is bad enough, why add more?**


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