It was no revolution, the February 25, 1986 revolution that is. It was more of a walk along EDSA. While it resulted in a change of those in power, from the Marcos cabal to the so called yellow reformists, nothing was changed within us. Nothing substantial, much less revolutionary.
Many of those who got placed in juicy positions right after Tita Cory’s ascension to the throne immediately started showing their true colors. They immediately got to work, making money while the sun was shining. One former senator who was very vocal against the decadence of the Marcos regime and was appointed as a cabinet official, was caught at the airport for dollar salting. Of course, nothing happened for what was he in power for? He went on his merry way as a high ranking government officer.
Except perhaps for very few, who were as rare as hen’s teeth, everybody was the same. We still took the government as a separate entity from us. It was not ours, it was theirs (those in power). There was no qualms about cheating government. It was even something to be proud of, as it was during the Spanish times.
While just before the Marcoses were driven out of Malacanang, everybody was calling for reforms in government and in society, nobody was really taking that seriously. The rich were going on with their profligate ways, as the poor continued to get even poorer.
Worse, the so called idealistic activists who were calling for revolution have not really revolutionized themselves. They were the most vocal critics of capitalists and the “burgis” but were actually aspiring to become “burgis” themselves. They were in fact some of the most loyal customers of capitalistic products. While the essence of revolutions was best summed up by the PROUTISTS, “Reform thy self, reform society,” this was very far from their minds.
Lastly, the clutches of religious dogma was not at all changed. We still follow our religious superiors no matter how unscientific their ideas are. This has become so pervasive that during elections, the number one people politicians would court are the religious personalities. The more fanatic their followers are, the better.
So, revolution?**

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