Same dogs with different collars

As the last day of filing certificates of candidacy nears, everybody is preoccupied with questions on who will be filing, for what positions, and where.
The real nature of our politics is already starting to surface. A number of political parties are now on the prowl for actors and actresses to join their ranks as candidates. Such people will have very good chances to win in the elections. The masses will go gaga over them. Indeed, it is high time we renamed our elections popularity contests.
How we vote is generally determined not by qualifications of candidates to govern, but on their “name recall.” We are not just skin-deep in making our choices. We are shallower than that.
And so the actors and actresses will rule the day again.
This early, we now appear not to give importance to allegations of corruption in government. We appear not to care about how incumbents have been robbing our money from public coffers.
As politicians horse trade as to who should run or not, the determining factor is often, “who has the biggest war chest?” If yours is filled to the brim, you have a good chance of winning. If not, forget it. The source of the money does not really matter. The smell of money will make the voters go crazy. Whoever ladles it to them, no matter how sinful its source, will sway them to his side.
Yes, we have come this far, or this down the ethical ladder. We have hit rock bottom. We cannot get any “stupider” than we are now, politics-wise.
Those who are trying to uncover corruption now for their political advantage, or for the downfall of their opponents might have come too late. The circus is already in town. What would thicken one’s wallet and from whom is everybody’s concern. The cacophony of voices, music and other attributes of political revelry, are moving the multitude afrenzy, drowning all attempts at sane discussion. Nobody cares about real political issues anymore, until the dust settles down. That would be when the new election winners would be taking their oaths of office.
Then we would know who will be the next bunch of politicians who will continue the way things are.
Change? There will not be any. The best we could expect would be seeing the same dogs with different collars.**

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