The cold weather can send us to hell or heaven


The cold weather is upon us again. Bonnets, mufflers thick jackets and overcoats are now being pulled out of closets. While it is the best time for embracing tight your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, partner or whatever, it has so many negative effects on us. It feels even colder when the gas tank is almost running on empty. Same thing with the cupboards and food storage bins.
The worst situation where people can be is when bad health conditions are making themselves felt like creditors coming to call. These are dreaded like when blood pressures spike and asthmatic guys start gasping for breath. These, like so many other serious ailments, can be fatal when temperatures hit the 12 degrees Celsius mark or lower.
While senior citizens and those with compromised health conditions are the usual victims and might be frantic, funeral parlors, health facilities and health care professionals have their cash registers continuously ringing. Indeed, some peoples’ hell are others’ heaven.
The more important question though is how to avoid such dire consequences. The number one thing to remember is to keep one’s health in tip-top condition, as we should every day of our lives. Eat healthy foods, have sufficient exercise, take maintenance meds regularly and on time. Avoid killer foods like those cholesterol laden, rein in your sweet tooth and salty tongue and stay away from stuff you crave for to feed your vices. Yes, Kurdapia, everything we need to know we learned in kindergarten. But there is a big difference between knowing and doing or being able to apply such in practical or day-to-day life.
Such should have been the subject matters of our recent New Year’s resolutions. But do these words already seem to be of the distant past even if January is still around?
Well, there is no escaping the fact that every morning about a million people do not wake up and never will. Nobody likes to be included in that number. Lucky are those who will really go without becoming bedridden. The worst scenario is when people become half dead and a burden to the living.
Life is determined by our own actions. We should act appropriately if we want good karma. The reactions to our action we will inexorably reap in the end.**


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