The culture in government work areas


The well publicized infestation of bed bugs of rattan chairs at the Manila International Airport Terminal 2 is very revealing. The chairs are relatively new having been purchased only late last year. They were much ballyhooed as the country’s showcase of workmanship and culture. In a very short time though the chairs became another revelation of the never-ending incompetence or generally bad service at the airport, the gateway to the country,
For sure, what the chairs lacked are proper maintenance of their cleanliness and regular disinfection. Keeping them squeaky clean and regular disinfection should have been job 1. Rattan chairs with all their innumerable tiny nooks and crannies are naturally attractive habitats of tiny creatures like bed bugs. Thus, the infestation should have been expected and avoided early on especially in a high traffic area like the airport.
Can we expect that in a government run facility? Certainly not. Taking a lesson from John Steinbeck, anything being run efficiently is not being run by government, especially the Philippine government which is phenomenally notorious for being the opposite. Any exception is very, very rare.
Moral of the story particularly for those who are just out to start or plan a career is not to join the government service. If you do so, you might be OK at first but you will soon be indoctrinated into the government culture and later become just one of the guys. The corrupt and inefficient work environment will see to it that you will sooner or later throw away any idealism you might have. And if you decide to stay on, you will soon develop a rotten work ethic you would take home to your children and family.
What a legacy to pass on to those of your own. The kids will be unable to develop their full potential and they might turn out to be corrupt, incompetent and inefficient all their lives. **


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