The main stumbling blocks to our progress


Shakespeare would have said, shoot all the politicians. That would not be so different from what he actually said which is to shoot all the lawyers. For politicians here are mostly lawyers and lawyers often go into politics as an expected consequence of their careers.
If only that will happen, we as a country would certainly progress by leaps and bounds compared to our snail pace economic movement.
With the legal background of many of our politicians, they are very creative in circumventing regulations to prevent corruption of public funds. Thus, the shameful but admittedly tue statement, “there is money in politics.”
Aside from politics as a main stumbling block to our progress, there is also bureaucratic red tape. Process any document in this ountry and you will immediately realize so many of the requirements that are costtly and time-consuming to accomplish are actually useless or unnecessary. Ask any compatriot of ours who ever lived in the US for sometime and he will readily agree that our worst enemy holding us from economically progressing are ourselves. We are always coming up with unnecessary bureaucratic processes which we as a people are tolerating. Consequently, our efforts to achieve individual and collective progress are bogged down. Anybody who disagrees with this never dealt with government offices or officers or even ordinary bureaucrats.
What is being done about this? Nothing much. There is that anti-red-tape law but like any other law in this country, it is more honored in its being ignorerd or disregarded or violated than in the observance.
We have no other choice but to grin and bear our stuation or find ways of circumvention if we are to individaully progress. Most of us would rather choose the latter.
So it has come to pass that cicumvention of rules and regulations is now considered by many as normal no matter how anomalous it is or even immoral. It is the curse we have to suffer for.
We just have to reform ourselves as individuals and hopefully society will somehow change and evolve better social values.**


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