They also have in the UK. Lack of delicadeza


The King now should not have ascended to the throne. His past is too colored to make him worthy of it– as preserved by her immediate predecessor, his mother.
But his predecessors of long ago were even worse than him. Did not one even have his wife guillotined so he could legally marry another one? Perhaps a younger and more voluptuous lass?
As the Chinese would say, behind every great wealth is a great crime. In the British case, perhaps the equivalent would be, behind every great adoration by the public almost bordering on idolatry are great crimes. How did they become so powerful to be so adored in fear or with love by millions and millions of subjects, even ascribing to them Divine anointment or selection?
But to the present. So many people, in the UK and elsewhere blame the present Kng and his philandering for the untimely death of the well-loved Princess Di.
While the king was and still is human and that what he did or does between the bed sheets is not our business, that is not a valid excuse for somebody held in great esteem by hundreds of millions of people around this planet. What he did or does is impressed with public interest. For the sake of the younger and upcoming generations, he should be a paragon of virtue.
Is that too much of an expectation? Perhaps for men on the streets, yes. But not when it comes to a king or queen.
Thus, the King should have graciously declined the privilege for the sake of the royalty.
For us, however, in the Cordillera, what is more important is having delicadeza especially for those in positions of power. Suddenly, they become filthy rich after being elected even if that would have been impossible by any respectable means. What immediately comes to mind is stealing from the public coffers. This explains the wretchedness of our economic conditions.
But what the hell! We are allowing them and even venerate them. So why should we complain? We should finally wake up and complain loud and clear. We must demand and expect delicadeza from our leaders.
At least for the British, a lot of them, particularly the celebrities who hold sway when it came to public opinion snubbed the recent coronation of the King. But they should have done more.
We must also do a lot more in protest with respect to the lack of delicadeza among our leaders. **


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