Unity in diversity


Cordilleran Autonomy is the goal, unity is the way.
As long Unity as political leaders are so engrossed in their individual pride and selfishness, autonomy will remain just a pie in the sky. If they could not forget their individual vested interest and at least put effort in achieving that common goal, then we are done for.
But there is now hope after all these times of division. There appears now a realization that with a united effort, some good will redound to the benefit of each and every political leader in this region. The most basic would be the coming in of more funds for development in atonement for the neglect this region had suffered from the national government since time immemorial. For we had contributed a lot to the national coffers but here we still are, we are bringing up the rear when it comes to economic development. Such coming in of more funds is the best carrot that can be dangled on the face of each and every political leader of consequence hereabout.
And when autonomy is finally achieved, there will also be more chances to get more political power. Those who will turn out to be popular leaders, will have some higher goals to aim for in the regional government. Unlike in the present set-up where once one reached the congressional level, the next achievable step is just to perpetuate oneself and close relatives in various positions in the provincial turf. Unless one is gifted with, or had stolen, a lot of money (in the billions and billions) to waste in a national campaign for senator or other national positions.
The question is, will our political leaders really put in time, effort and resources to convince people to say YES TO AUTONOMY when the plebiscite comes? Highly doubtful considering how cunning politicians can be. But, yes, they will when they are aiming for something when autonomy would be established. Otherwise, they will just campaign willy-nilly, or just for show to have some political leverage in case autonomy will win.
If the national government is really serious about granting us autonomy then a campaign fund for that purpose must be provided— to be strictly accounted for.
These are the things to be watched which will determine the future of this region. Will our progress be accelerated through unity, and consequently, autonomy? Or will we just flounder on the waves of division?**


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