Until we could not breathe?


The effects are staring at us in the face. The heat the past days was really bad we could hardly breathe. Parched farmlands are being shown by the media to be badly cracked. People everywhere are crying for water even if just enough for domestic use.
Government, as usual, just announced some supposed plans to ameliorate the situation. Learning delivery has been shifted to alternative mode in thousands of schools.
Yet nothing is being done in a magnitude to address a widespread emergency. For climate change is exactly that, a widespread emergency. Yet we are still dilly-dallying, as if we have a lifetime of lead time to address the situation.
As time lazily but surely and constantly moves at its own pace, the process of desertification is in juxtaposition with it. By the time this piece is done, they would have already advanced considerably. In short, we would have moved closer to our end. No preparation is required. We will be there in due time.
Yes, a lot can be said to criticize government moves. Par for the course. We are not, however, pointing our fingers to the most guilty — US— from whom the most effective moves must come.
Individually, what have we done and what are we doing regarding the problem? A small plant nurtured can be a good contribution to the requirement for the soaking up of greenhouse gases. Better still if trees. They will, in addition, solve in the long term what is now becoming scarier everyday, water scarcity.
In short, we, all of us, must to something. Planting anything that breathes is a good start but definitely not enough. Abstaining in so many activities is another aspect to be pursued. Reduce, reuse, recycle should be done more seriously.
Cranking up moves to find alternative ways for us to survive but with a kinder impact to mother earth is another.
In sum, the hour is already late for us to crack our brains more for better ways to live.
All of these, however, will again be forgotten in a few days. . . to surface later when we could again hardly breathe.
And the cycle goes on.**


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