US vs China. What’s in it for us Cordillerans?

There was this opinion of Hillary Clinton that the Philippines might end up being a subject of China. It will not happen as long as the USA won’t allow it to happen. The result? We will always be beholden to the US, as we had always been after we were ceded by Spain, briefly disturbed only during the Japanese time.
The other possibility is our indeed becoming a subject of China which can hold its own against the Americans. China can readily surround our islands with warships, about which they already have a headway. Whatever our national leadership is doing regarding this appears to be recapitulation.
Will the Americans just watch? No, they won’t, as there is so much at stake here. Not just Southeast Asia, the whole of Asia, and its status as the only remaining superpower. By its side are the other members of the QUAD, its quadrilateral alliance with India, Australia and Japan.
Along with this is what Lee Kuan Yew said as the advantage of the USA. As long is it continues to attract the best and the brightest people around the world to migrate to its shores, it will continue to be stronger than China.
What do all of these bode for us Cordillerans? With the prevailing advantages of the US, push will not likely come to shove, so we will not be squeezed like ants. But, just in case, what are we to do to protect ourselves as individuals?
What will emerge are times of uncertainty which might be scary to some but every situation also breeds opportunities. Who would be in better positions to take advantage of such?
It would be those who are skilled and educated who would be able to make the most of situations especially considering that technology continues to advance in a geometric pace. Those who could not cope would be left behind, to become members of those who are expendable.
So Cordillerans and other people everywhere must do all they could to have their children attain the highest education skills they could. With the availability of higher education being offered free by SUCs (State Universities and Colleges) which are all over the place, there should be no excuse to be incompetent.
Those who are incapable of getting college degrees for whatever reason, there are vocational or technical short courses offered by the government’s TESDA which could capacitate anybody to be competitive in earning a decent living.
So whoever would be lording us over, whether the Americans, or the Chinese, or our very own corrupt leaders, we should be able to stand our own as individuals, and not be treated as bumbling idiots.**


  • Nicely written. You are absolutely right “There should be no excuse to be incompetent”. These words should be preached.

    • Joseph,

      Thank you very much for the comment. Such are what keep us going. At times when we are feeling down and quite hopeless that what we are saying are not even understood, then come comments like yours proving that there are brilliant people out there– who care. God bless.

      Atty. A. P. Pekas, editor

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