We are being baked


In our face now is the collective effect of humanity’s folly. The suffocating heat….. whose effects are multiplied several times over by the effects of runaway inflation. Then there are the other natural serious consequences such as lack of water.
Water is life. So many lives of flora and fauna had already been squelched, Farms are parched. Rivers, streams and springs are now dry. People are begging water deliverers to please, please….. But they can only do so much. We have to wait in suffering. For days. In several areas of the city, people are buying drinking water for bathing. Will streets and pathways and even homes soon become unsafe due to the need for water?
Forest fires are everywhere as plants and trees are so dry. They are easily ignited. In many mountainous areas, their laundry smell like dried fish caused by the smoke of forest fires everywhere.
We all know the solution. Responsible forestry and agricultural practices. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Avoiding activities that cause greenhouse gases. Not using fossil fuels, some types of refrigerants and anything that destroys the ozone layer, etcetera.
Easy to say but several trillion times more difficult to do.
Yet we have to start somewhere. Individually, we can only do small things. But in the aggregate these can amount to something.
The biggest culprits in causing the warming of the earth are the richest nations, democratic or not. And while they exhort us to cut down on everything causing greenhouse gases, they are reluctant to do the same. Because of their greed, they are only paying lip service to international pacts they signed to prevent climate change.
But we have to do something. Protesting is one way. Doing whatever we can no matter how small is another. We must do both. **


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