We will not get the benefits of the political intramurals between the Marcoses and Dutertes


When President Marcos went to Davao the other day for some government affairs, it meant there is no hope for the political intramurals between the Marcoses and the Dutertes to escalate to a level where the well -entrenched socio-economic and political interests would be involved in a free for all political upheaval that will decimate their strangle-hold on the economic resources and political opportunities in this country. The debris of such should be flying every which way like a structure blown into smithereens by a powerful bomb. The masses then should be able to catch some of the bebris of opportunities, economic or political. It would be an unexpected equitable economico-political distribution long dreamed of by a very big majority of the masses.
Too bad it will not happen. The President’s trip to Davao is just one of those macho way of showing he is not afraid of the Dutertes. The kingpins of Davao can throw any invectives but the reality is they are now helpless against the Marcoses and their extended relatives,
And so we will continue to suffer as the rich and powerful will continue to control the opportunities that matter. Is there any force of consequence that can blow up our socio-economic and political realities? Nothing in the horizon. The leftists are effectively now reduced to mere sloganeering. Whatever idealism its ranks have, they still have to graduate from there and become a force to reckon with.
Well, at least, they might be fulfilling their role in society. Up there, elsewhere or in the same place where they have their own version of some people being smarter than others?
We will see.**


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