What we have been waking up to

For almost a month, the rains have been like a million arrows shot into the sky by Roman soldiers to come down later on your roof with a vengeance. That was what we had been waking up to. Every steep terrain became disasters waiting to happen. A number of these happened such that for a time, all roads leading to Baguio City were closed.
This week, the sun has been peeping from the sky for brief moments. And the rains have stopped, except for an hour or two late in the afternoons or early evenings.
While the rains were good to wake up to, it had been making getting out of bed to go to work a struggle.
The other thing we had been waking up to for a number of weeks already is really bad. You check out your cellphone while your eyes are still bleary and what greets you is the spreading of the Delta variant like wildfire.
Somehow, the situation got reversed. We had been seeing thousands of deaths every day in the USA and Brazil before. Then it happened in India. Now the virus appears to have weakened in these countries. The Covid-19 epicenter now is in Indonesia where more than a thousand people are dying every day. This changed the country’s preference for the Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine. It is now partial to the western made vaccines— Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, and Jansen.
Because of the Delta variant, the National Capital Region and nearby provinces have been put on a lockdown, and entry to Baguio City has become stricter.
The effect of these is simple to state but hard to endure. These will make our lives even more difficult.
As always, however, there are silver linings. For one, were were forced to use extensively the internet at work, in commerce, and in distance learning. The best though is our having been taught how to be more creative in making a living. And so many have forgotten the meaning, rather the value, of non-luxurious living. We now have to appreciate that again as we have to live with just the basics or just the minimum requirements.
The biggest realization though is our awakening to the fact that there must be a better way on how to deal with this pandemic. It is just so easy to declare a lockdown and make everybody’s life miserable. But this is turning out to be just taking the point of least resistance.
How about massive testing and contact tracing? How about real enforcement of the observance of health protocols? The word to describe enforcement in this aspect is it has become lax.
The best situation though to describe the government’s competence, or the lack of it, in dealing with the pandemic is our vaccination rate. It is slow and we lack vaccines. Compare that to Israel and there is really no adulation due to the powers-that-be in this country.**

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