Who are better prepared for the 3rd world war?


Any war will mean unmentionable hardships. Lucky are we as we still have to experience one.
The unluckiest are those who were born at the turn of the century, or thereabouts. Those who did not die early went through hell. Not just one hell because they went through two world wars.
In a war, just like any crisis, some will be lucky suddenly finding themselves on top of the social hierarchy, economically or politically. The vast majority, however, suffer.
Businesses whose main purpose are well defined and their existence is based on fulfilling some needs in society will survive. There will be setbacks but they can rise again and again. Monkey businesses will surely perish. For how many times can you hoodwink people into buying your products or services if there are really no genuine necessities for these? Perhaps once or twice but not more. Then you will be facing bankruptcy. Yes, there is a science to the survival of businesses.
How about people and their families? Who will survive or suffer tthe least in case of a third world war?
Families who earn their keep in an honorable or honest way, despite the hardships will be OK. To be straight is difficult, but it is the enduring way. It might not be lucrative compared to shady ways but those who stick by it will be the people standing when the smoke and the stench of war disappear.
Thus, families must have the stamina to preserve through difficult times. The members should welcome hardships if that is what day to day life entails. And when the going gets tough, they will still be going.
Those who are used to an easy life might perish or survival will be so difficult for them. Some of them might even go crazy. People whose kids don’t even know how to cook rice or feed the dogs or clean the toilet belong to this category. They will be whining and complaining most of the time instead of rolling up their sleeves even more to be able to earn something to buy food.
Moral of the story is, teach your kids to be resourceful and not to shy away from hardships if that is what circumstances require and you will be fine, come hell or high water.**


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