Why no fervor on Independence Day?

Because the people, at least, the discerning ones feel having been cheated by one national administration to another, since time immemorial.
Every election time in this country. the people are bombarded with promises that things will be better this time around, or this country will be great again. From 1965 to the 1980s this was repeated again and again charismatically by the then President Marcos. And the people enthusiastically lapped it up even if the national situation was going downhill… down, down, down. As if nobody cared about reality. Or we the people were to stupid to see.
Then the 1986 EDSA REVOLUTION happened. Somehow, a new hope was kindled, but it soon died a natural death. Many of those whose voices were loud and clear in crying for reforms during the Marcos years were appointed to important government positions. But they did not deliver on their shouts. Instead, their cry while in government turned out to be, to make money through corrupt ways while the sun was shining.
President after president took control of the government reins and showed us how being in power meant big business. All of them discovered what political dynasty meant with the members of their extended families. Even the mistresses of those in power partook of the political cake through appointments or by winning in elections. This was quite easy for being with any administration meant you had at your finger tips the chance to “help” others have some share of the power or the wealth in exchange for political patronage. Thus, they easily ended up winning elections.
Since there was never any genuine change at the topmost rungs of government, nothing could be expected at the lower rungs, and the downward spiral continued, as it will continue. Then we found out that we became, and still are, the basket case of Southeast Asia.
Our downward spiral continues and we hope for the day when the people would become educated enough to understand that in our votes lie the solution. That, however, remains an illusion. Case in point—about 40% of the population, or to be conservative about this, between 30% to 40% of the people are going hungry, yet the approval rating of the President is still sky-high.
So, looking for meaningful change? There is none in the horizon.**

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