Elevating the Cordillera tapestry in the global stage


(PIA) — The fashion industry is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest trends.
Designers look for new ways to push boundaries, and create unique pieces.
But a designer who discovered how the Cordilleran inabel fabrics are being imitated outside the country decided to step in, and promote the Cordillera tapestry in the global arena.
Ginalyn Brown-Tayag from the Cordillera, who is now based in the United States of America, founded Tapis and Baag, a visionary Filipino brand.
In an interview, Ginalyn Brown-Tayag shares how she founded the Tapis & Baag.
“That discovery of printed inabel fabric did not sit well with me kasi it’s a little scary if you think about it down the line, in the future. If people buy it because it’s cheaper, it is scary that it can be detrimental to our inabel heritage,” Tayag shared.
Launched in 2023 in Baguio City, the said brand aims to empower the local weavers and bring the inabel fabric and heritage out to a wide audience globally.
“Take advantage of the opportunity, I can go back to my roots, get our inabel and take it here, and introduce to a bigger and wider audience.”
Tayag shared that after the launch,she worked hard to see if they could join in the fashion weeks. She reached out to few producers until she received an invitation for the New York Fashion Week in February 2024.
The Cordilleran Inabel took the spotlight at the New York Fashion Week 2024 where the indigenous textiles garnered acclaim for their intricate designs and quality, proving Cordillera textiles’ presence in the global fashion arena. The show provided leading designers from around the world with an unrivaled global platform to showcase their collections.
Tayag thanked her co-designers Olga Abaya from Cervantes, and Jasper Padua, and to everyone who supported them at the fashion week She dedicated the successful show to the Cordillera.
She assured that they will continue to promote the inabel fabrics and inabel products of the region in the international stage by joining fashion week platforms.
She also plans to gather local designers in the Cordillera in June 2024 to talk about advancing Cordillera weaves on a global stage.
Meanwhile, she advised the younger generation in the fashion and design industry to focus, be creative, and just keep going.
“We have our own struggles, you have bumps and humps in the road especially if you want to get to your goal but you just have to keep moving because when you stop, it will slow you down. Keep going, keep dreaming, and keep reaching your goals.”
Tayag was born and raised in Baguio City before migrating to the United States. She traces her roots from Besao, Mountain Province, and Cervantes, Ilocos Sur.
Apart from the fashion industry, she and her husband are engaged in the healthcare industry and various projects in the U.S. **JDP/DEG-PIA CAR


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