100 Benguet pine trees, 675 Arabica coffee seedlings planted at John Hay

Baguio City – As the steward of about 53% of the forested land in Baguio City, the John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC) continues to implement environmental programs which aim to maintain forest density, clean air and water resources.
Led by the President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Jamie Eloise M. Agbayani, the JHMC employees, together with its service providers, McKleen and Maximum Security, planted arabica coffee seedlings and Benguet pine trees in various locations within the Camp John Hay Reservation Area (CJHRA).
100 Benguet Pine trees alternating with 75 arabica coffee seedlings were planted at Barangay Country Club Village and 600 arabica coffee seedlings were planted at the Historical Core, Camp John Hay.
JHMC regularly conducts tree planting activities and has remained faithful to the National Greening Program (NGP) of the government. Further, the JHMC plans to enroll the Historical Core and the Country Club Village as proposed NGP sites with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).
Being true to its mandate to be the leader of environment and forest stewardship in the country, 38 JHMC personnel and security providers are deputized as DENR Officers (DENRO). The DENROs are tasked to enforce environment and forestry laws, rules and regulations within the CJHRA.
JHMC continues to pursue sustainable use of the forest watershed through its programs and corporate activities in order to promote biodiversity conservation and mitigate climate change.**

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