Are you sabotaging your intimate relationships? An online dating coach can help

By Marie Miguel
Medically reviewed by Aaron Horn


If you’ve been having issues with finding (and keeping) the intimate relationships you want in your life – and you feel like you’ve already tried everything, it’s probably time to seek professional help.
Yes! There are professionals out there who can guide you smoothly along with your dating and relationship journey while helping you avoid the common dating faux pas and pitfalls that cause romantic relationships to go south along the way. A quick Google search for “online dating coach near me,” “dating coach for men,” or “dating coach for women” can help you get started.
Enter the online dating coach. Online dating and relationship coaches provide individuals and couples with key communication skills and strategies that help their relationships progress more smoothly. While online dating and relationship counseling is not the answer if you’re not willing to do the work that it takes to improve saving your relationships.
Online dating experts help today’s couples who are serious about improving the quality of their relationships achieve dating success and long-term happiness. Online coaches provide dating and relationship coaching services online via an internet-connected desktop, laptop, tablet, or other compatible mobile devices.
The great thing apart taking part in dating coaching services online, is that you can attend your coaching sessions from anywhere! The only major requirement for attending dating coaching online is a solid internet connection and a private area where you can text and chat with your coach via phone or video confidentially.
Dating couples and individuals who use online dating coach services can log in and attend virtual coaching sessions from the comfort of their own homes or other private location. In this article we discuss online dating coaches, including – who they are, what they do, and where to find the best dating coaches online.
Online dating and relationship coaches – who they are
An online dating coach shouldn’t be confused with coaches who help people perfect their online dating profiles. An online dating and relationship coach is available to help dating individuals and couples improve their chances of success in dating and relationships.
Dating coaches aren’t required to have a specialized degree, license, or certification like professional counselors and licensed mental health professionals.
Today’s online dating and relationships coaches encompass a wide variety of educational backgrounds and disciplines and are often considered experts in the field you may be surprised at the search results you find when Googling dating coach for men or dating coach for women these days.
While today’s online dating and relationship coaching practice don’t currently require any formal training or certification, today’s coaches are taking their professional roles very seriously. Today’s dating coaches are teachers, physicians, educators, and professionals in their relevant industry.
Online coaching vs. online therapy
Dedication to professionalism is evident in dating coaches who have backgrounds in psychology, psychiatry, mental health, and social work. Counseling platforms like exclusively staff licensed and certified professionals for their marriage, dating, relationships, and mental health counseling platform. has a staff of thousands of licensed counselors and therapists that have over 2500 hours of clini

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