Buffet meals and unli rice, contributory factors to obesity?

BAGUIO CITY — Nutritionists-dieticians and other health advocates are looking at the buffet and unli rice restaurants as a factor in the increase of overweight individuals in Baguio City and Benguet.
Restaurants offering eat-all-you-can buffet meals and eateries serving unlimited rice to customers including children in the city and nearby areas of Benguet have been on the rise. More people patronize these types of restaurants due to the lesser amounts to be paid with more food to be eaten.
Dr. Pelin Belino, Dean of the Department of Human Nutrition and Foods of the Benguet State University, said that although studies are yet to be made to prove that the emergence of buffet and unli rice restaurants contribute to the increase of overweights, these kinds of restaurants offer foods that have higher calories and fats which affect the regular diets or eating behavior of people.
Belino said that fastfood chains have been contributing to the obesity and overweight problems of children.
Most fastfood meals contain high sodium and high saturated and artificial trans fats and are high in sugar content.
Individuals who opt to eat at fastfood chains and other restaurants instead of at home with home-cooked meal increase their risk of becoming obese, she explained.
Pelino added that most people also have lesser movements such as exercise after consuming too much food from the buffet and unli rice meals.
National Nutrition Council Cordillera Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator Rita Papey, in a kapihan media forum, reported that overweight or obesity is a growing concern in the Cordillera with a 33 percent overweight/obesity rate based on the 2015 National Nutrition Survey data. This is higher than the average national rate of 30%.
She reported that for pre–school children, Cordillera recorded the second highest prevalence rate among all regions in the country, and ranked third or fourth in other age groups.
NNC-CAR bared that the primary reason for obesity is sedentary lifestyle. People today are not much into physical activities; rather they focus more on electronic gadgets. They also ride instead of walk even in going to short distance destinations.**By Redjie Melvic Cawis

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