C – O – V – I – D, How far has it gone?

by Josephine P.  Cariño

“Life is unpredictable.”
Living a normal, safe and healthy life is every man’s desire. People as we are, social life is important. As is gathering with family and friends or acquaintances. Chatting with people about life and everything is great. Travelling and recreational activities are stress relievers. This was the life we were used to until 2019, when COVID got in our way.
It’s been more than a year since our “quarantined life” started. It was unexpected. We thought it would end in a month or two, or a few months more at the most. Now it is already more than a year, and getting worse. Day after day, we live with fear and uneasiness as we could not see the enemy, the virus.
Now day to day life has become a big challenge. Our lifestyle, our daily routine, education and livelihood were turned upside down. Face to face classes were suspended. Private firms had to cut costs in order to survive, resulting in many workers getting laid off.
Spending longer time outside is no longer normal as it has become a big risk. People going outside the quarantine of their homes are nervous as the stakes are high. Will they bring home the virus? Are they risking the health or even lives of their loved ones?
Sometimes we even no longer want to see the news. We are frightened by the daily news of cases rapidly increasing, hospitals being full, front-liners exhausted but the worst are the deaths of loved ones, friends and the many people known to us. Just like us, other people are also in pain for having lost loved ones. The pain lingers.
With all these, a new normal emerged. As we go about our daily lives in fear, we have come to a deep realization which might be the silver lining to all the sufferings we had gone through, and still counting– our unity and FAITH in GOD.
Near or far, the daily challenges (big or small), our differences, we are all one in our fight for our lives. Everybody would appreciate some help, big or small. Even a word of encouragement can have far reaching positive effects.
As they say, crises bring out the best and worst in people. The best that came out is our caring for each other. Even the worst adversity can be overcome by such, as it brings forth strength
In sum, let us forge ahead with prayers and acts of goodwill. Covid may have caused us trouble but it brought us closer to God. **

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