CPD-CAR highlights ‘consent’ on World Sexual Health Awareness Day


BAGUIO CITY (PIA) –The Commission on Population and Development – Cordillera (CPD-CAR) underscored the importance of consent as the world observed the 2023 World Sexual Health Awareness Day (WSHD) on September 4.
Recognizing the importance of mutual respect when it comes to sexual encounter matters, CPD-CAR Regional Director Cecile Basawil stressed as she explained the WSHD’ theme “Consent.”
“Kapag ayaw ng partner mo, irespeto natin ‘yung when she says “ no”, she says no, when he says “no”, he says no,” she said.
The theme also encourages everyone to reflect on their behavior and how they can positively impact their communities.
Launched in 2010, the WSHD is an important day that brings people together worldwide to promote sexual health, rights, justice, and pleasure.
As sexual health is a basic right, Basawil said that everyone must be in charge of his or her own body.
“Let’s just advocate for LOVE, fruitful and fulfilling lives. If we know ‘yung ating sexual health, what the services are, we know how to take care of ourselves, we know how to say no,” she added.
Basawil also advised the youth to optimize opportunities, to study, and not to engage in risky sexual and non-sexual behaviors.
To the parents, let’s be caring adults and take care of our kids, she said.
She also urged the officials of the Sangguniang Kabataan to also focus on issues affecting adolescents and the populace in their respective barangays.
The CPD-CAR likewise sought the continuous support of agencies, local government units, civil society organizations, and the community in advocating for sexual health, and responsible parenthood and reproductive health, thus helping the public make informed decisions.
“The best gift that we can give to others is the necessary information for them to come up with the best decisions. Let no one say that they are forgotten but rather, let us continue to give them necessary information. Let us give them the chance to be empowered kasi if you have information, you make good necessary decisions,” Basawil said. **JDP/DEG-PIA CAR


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