Sibud-Sibud Cave in Abra now under DENR protection

TINEG, Abra– The Sibud-Sibud Cave in this upland town is one of the 39 caves in the Philippines that have been placed under the protection and management of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) recently.
Saturnina Miguel of the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office said an area receives protection from DENR for its recognizable beauty and natural and cultural reserves. This is necessary to preserve the caves so the public could enjoy them.
Sibud-Sibud Cave is found along the road of Tineng. An ideal place for nature lovers, it can be reached after traveling a distance of around 33 kms.
It is categorized as Class III since it is less explored and visited. Accordingly, Class III caves may also be utilized for economic activities like extraction or collection of guano or bird’s nest.
The local government units and residents are looking forward to developing the premises of the Sibud-Sibud Cave and establishing physical amenities and public utilities for the comfort of tourists and spelunkers.
Economic activities are expected to grow like tour guiding and collection of bird’s nest which is sold to foreigners as souvenir. Guano or bird’s nest is also made as soup and home remedy for certain illnesses.
Sibud-Sibud Cave is a threshold to all other potential natural and wildlife sanctuaries in Abra deserving protection, stressed Miguel. **By Ginalyn B Brioso

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